Sunday, March 1, 2009

AAR - Vietnam, Saturday Feb 28, 2009

Justin submitted this AAR to the email list -

Played two Vietnam games at the Hangar using modified Flashpoint Vietnam rules.

The first game John Snelling, Carl, and Brian Compton played U.S. Army squads heloed in to search a village that intel stated contained VC. I played the VC.

On landing, Sgt. Compton's squad immediately when toe-to-toe with a VC machinegun bunker in a firefight losing a man. Lt. Sciscio's squad was chopped up by a VC fire team concealed in a set of rice paddies losing two men in the process.

Compton continued fighting the bunker losing another man but taking out one VC. Sciscio could not return fire at the concealed VC in the rice paddy as he could not acquire their location but Sgt. Snelling's squad did and took out one of the VC.

VC concealed in the jungle behind Sciscio's section laid down fire on this squad killing one man and the VC in the rice paddy killing another of Sciscio's men.

Sciscio's squad finally acquired the VC in the rice paddy but their fire was weak as the result of having to have to split fire to fight the enemy in the jungle behind. Snelling's split his squad on the left of Sciscio to fire at both the VC in the rice paddy and the VC in the jungle behind his position. Snelling's fire team using overwhelming fire power finally took out the VC fire team in the paddy but could not acquire the jungle VC. Compton continued his fight with the MG nest but pulled back a little to concentrate his fire more.

Another VC fire team concealed in a hog pen began firing on Sciscio's squad killing one man. The VC in the jungle behind Sciscio fired at both Snelling and Sciscio to no effect. The MG nest in front of Compton traded shots with his squad.

Using maximum firepower, Compton took out the machinegun nest. Sciscio traded shots with both the VC in the jungle and the VC in the village accomplishing nothing. After swing around Snelling's squad obliterated the jungle VC with withering fire. It was at this point the VC withdrew.

The second game was played by Kriegbaum, and Oscar as U.S. Army heloed in to an area to search a village and hold a bridge. Carl's force rolled on the battlefield in APCs and some special forces. The VC were Snelling and Justin.

Although Sgt. Oscar's force was chewed up on landing, he held his own against three VC fire teams. Lt. Kriegbaum sick with beri-beri fever than landed in support. Soon after rolling on the battlefield came the APC's under Sgt. Sciscio demoted as a result of a recent event. Although fired at by RPGs the APC's rolled on. Accurate fire by Sgt. Oscar's squad soon had the VC running with the assistance of Lt. Kriegbaum.

It seemed everyone like the game and we are going to play it again maybe this Thursday (MAR5) as it seems to be Carl's favorite period after WWII.