Saturday, August 8, 2009

Delenda est Carthago

Upcoming - Warhammer Ancient Battles slug-a-thon at the Hangar. Featuring the unstoppable Carthaginian Horde of Paul Crouch vs. all comers.

Friends of the Republic! Listen to me while I tell you that Carthage must be Destroyed!

I know I (ed.) will personally be there to defend the virtues of Rome and her Republic! There could be room for commanders on both sides, as well as a host of barbarian allies (numidians? gauls? spaniards?).

Other than Paul's spendid collection, Brian and I have romans out the wazoo (a technical term). Hopefully Action Dan can play (with his many barbarians). There might even be newly painted miniatures on the table. I think that Jim has Romans as well - which is good because Paul's North African Bruhaha (read: his Carthaginian Army) is quite sizable.

This game will be announced soon, but start thinking about mustering your courage to command 28mm figures in a large ODMS Punic War toy soldier fest!