Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game Ideas - Guns Of August

The "War From A Horse" theme has me thinking about games that I want to run at Guns Of August 2011 (August 12-14, Williamsburg, VA).

With the many westerns I watched as a child for inspiration, my favorite idea thus far is a Wild West game using 28mm figures and "Tomahawk & The Flame" rules (of course based on TSATF).

Simply to ensure that everything comes together before the convention (177 days away) I'm thinking that I need to have one side mounted and the other mostly dismounted, with roughly balanced troop quality on both sides, so a punitive mission by US Cavalry against an Apache camp sounds just about perfect.

For figures, I'm pretty much sold on the Old Glory "War Paint" 28mm range. 15mm is of course more affordable, but I like the visual appeal of 28mm figures. Brian C can take credit for that...

For terrain, I'll use a hot knife to carve insulation foamboard and add wood chips to make some attractive and affordable canyons, mesas, etc. A good tutorial on these methods is at

For the Apache camp, Acheson Creations has several 28mm pieces that I like - the Sioux tepee and the campfire are obviously useful, but I think I'll need to scratch build a horse corral.

That's it for now. I'll update this post as the game starts to take shape.


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