Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taiping Rebellion - Oct 16

John Snelling ran a fabulous Taiping Rebellion game on October 16th, at the Hangar.

There were three factions involved, the Taiping Rebellion Forces (and allied Triad gangs), the Imperial Chinese forces, and the British Counter-Insurgency forces.

The British were there to proceed to a temple under control by the Taipings, and rescue a princess of the Imperial Family who had been captured.

The Taipings were defended recently conquered territory near an Imperial riverine trade city. The gangs were defending some mountain temples that they had captured, between the forward area of the Taiping advance, and the Imperial trade city - they had captured a number of very valuable treasures (statuary, etc) and were holding it for turning over to the main army. The Imperials were attempting to oust the British from the trade city, as well as punish the Gangs and recapture the mountain temples.

This was played in 15mm scale, with a buttload of Chinese figures (nicely painted by Snelling), and was played by John Snelling, John Dent, and Chuck Turnitsa. The rules used were heavily modified Victoria's Battles.