Monday, October 6, 2008

Western Skirmish - AAR Oct 2

Danny Jackson ran "How the west was Dan" or "The Dan with no name" or "A Fist full of Dan" or something - it was his rules for Western gunfighter skirmish. Two player groups against each other, and the nefarious townsfolk.

A gang of outlaws, coming into town to rescue two gang members from the jail house.

A posse of lawmen, bent on making sure the Law is obeyed and the gang members get a fair trial.

The nefarious townsfolk, determined to "lynch" the gang members, with or without a trial ("why go to all the trouble of a trial, when we just know the lowlifes are guilty as all get out?").

Outlaws rode into town, immediately were shot at by all concerned, started in towards the jail house, when the citizens began dragging the gang members toward the hanging platform. Long range rifle fire from one of the outlaw gang members took care of the angry citizens, and others (on horseback) rode up to gather the shackled prisoners. Not a few outlaws died (more than one being dragged to death on scared horses). Many outlaw casualties, but they eventually rescued one of the prisoners. The sharpshooter? He was blasted from behind by an old lady with a shotgun. Nefarious town members . . .