Sunday, January 18, 2009

MarsCon 2009 - has come and gone

A great time was had by all. There were ODMS members spotted all over this great local Sci-Fi convention, held in Williamsburg Virginia.

There is gaming abundant, as well as great music acts, a wonderful convention suite, and all the normal Sci-Fi convention goodies (costumes, LARPing, art show, authors, artists, dealers room.

Chuck (of Gaming with Chuck) was on staff to help with Gaming and also to man the Con-Suite during the midnight shift, Friday and Saturday night. Justin was there throughout, gaming and schmoozing. Brian was there with friends gaming and having a great time. Jack Hollingsworth was there. Carl, Oscar and Krigbaum came after their "Flames of War" event at Fort Lee on Saturday. On Sunday, Bill Warner put on a great Peruvian/Chilean 19th century naval fight using some lovely 1:1200 miniatures.

This was a great pre-cursor to Williamsburg Muster.

Note: The lovely and deadly Poison Ivy was the contest costume winner from the 2008 Marscon.