Saturday, January 10, 2009

MarsCon - Jan 16,17,18

This is a convention update from the Director of the 2009 MarsCon - Butch Allen.

MarsCon is only a week away and guess what? Like every year, they are calling for Snow Flurries for next Friday. It wouldn't be a MarsCon without snow.

Tons of things are going on. First of all the Hotel is Sold Out. They are sending people to our Overflow hotel. If you want to try some alternate hotels, there are plenty in the area. There is even one next door. But if you can, stay at the Overflow Hotel. It will help out the con as we get a small kickback.

Of course with a full hotel that creates a problem. It's called PARKING! We have talked to the EconoLodge next door and we can park in the front of their parking lot. There will be some 18 wheelers coming in to work on their hotel so don't block their entrance. But at least 40 to 50 cars can park there. We can also park on the side street next to the hotel and in the business's parking lots as long as you don't park at their front door. Finally, the hotel has also cleared out their parking lot so there is more parking there.

Speaking of the hotel. You will see lots of improvements, we will have most of the same staff as last year and they are looking forward to us returning. If you are in costume, be prepared to get your picture taken.

Now to the con. If you haven't already heard, Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillian and Steve Long had to cancel. But all three have expressed interest in returning next year.

Even with that, we still have a lot going on. Music wise there are The Cassettes, Coyote Run, Poisoned Dwarf and Rob Balder and others. Luna-C will be returning along with our Favorite Dancing Ladies (The Hotel owner requests them every year). On Saturday the bar will be open at 2pm for an open mic. Sing a song, read a poem or part of your story. Dance if you want. Sit down, have a drink and listen. It is all up to you. Hosted by Michael K.

We have lots of panels and entertainment for both the adults and the children. We will have our adult panels late at night and the doors will be closed when the program begins and monitored for minors. So you parents can rest assure that we are keeping the little ones in mind.

Which is why we have a complete Schedule of Family Programming. On Saturday, we will be hosting a "Steampunk Carnival". It will consist of a Juggler, a Face Painter and a Roving Mad Scientist. Of course there will be Stormtroopers, Klingons and your occasional SteamPunkers. There will be a goggle making workshop where the kids will walk away with a pair of goggles to wear. Later there will be an adult (Only adult because the Kids would get bored) program where a discussion of how to make different types of goggles.

The gaming room is packed with our usual assortment of games. The dealers room and the art show will have plenty for you to drool over. Of course, we can't forget the Puppies and the Kittens, as our annual Charity Auction for the Heritage Humane Society will provide you with plenty of bargins. We have our anime room and some late night movies when you have some downtime.

We have two seperate Costume Contests. One on Friday for the best Theme Costume from our Friday Night Theme Party and then on Saturday for our best Hall Costume. And you don't win just a piece of paper, win some serious MarsCon Bucks.

Finally, We have our Friday Night Theme Party. The Theme for this years con is SteamPunk. So on Friday Night you are invited to a "Victorian Tea Party" at the home our extinguish World Traveler and Scientist, Lord Rameriz. There will be plenty of food and assortments of tea. So dress up in your finest and join us.

Well I know I have forgotten something, but as you can see we have plenty scheduled. Have a great time at the con. If you can catch up with me - I will be constantly moving - take time to say hello.

Your Frazzled Chairman Butch