Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, Feb 19, AAR from the Hangar

Wow! What a great turnout. There were something like 20 gamers at peak time at the Hangar for our weekly ODMS meeting.

Spotted were a number of games - Classic BattleTech, Flames of War (a couple of games), Fast Warrior, and the ever-lovin Settlers of Catan.

New projects mentioned - (1) rumor of more rule sets to be published by ODMS guys... I guess there is publication envy for Justin's "Go for Broke", (2) Russian Civil War next two weeks (chuck getting ready for his Cold Wars game), (3) Frontline General tactical situation next week (miniatures based), (4) Vietnam as delivered by Carl - he has dug out dozens of troops and helicopters, and has started making some rice paddies, (5) Napoleonics - 15mm John Callahan, (6) Ancients - Danny's rules as well as Warhammer Ancients, DBA (this saturday) and more Fast Warrior, (7) ACW - Paul, I believe.

Lets keep the momentum going - volunteer to run or play games, and get the word out.