Monday, February 23, 2009

Vietnam 1966 game AAR - from Joe

This is an AAR from Joe -
Started a infantry platoon using my infantry rules. Had my third game and thought I would share the AAR with the group.

It was damn hot! The thermometer was at 102 F. Lt Jaroze's platoon had been inserted into the valley this morning after Charlie had attacked a special forces camp last night. They were to sweep a hamlet on the way to the river in the valley. They had found little in the hamlet except some mongrel dogs. Now onto the river; down a cart path. There were rice patties on the left just hidden by a hedge that ran along the road, a barn on the right and elephant grass all around.

Lt Jaroze was one of those leaders who instinctively knew what to do. (gr IV dynamic leader). He reflected on his men. SSgt Davis was a solid influence (gr III) and Jaroze wish he had 3 clones. 2nd squad had Sgt Tillman (gr I ). Tillman was terrible and his squad knew it. 2 missions ago Tillman had lost 3 KIA and worse had 2 POW when Charlie uncharacteristically closed and physically drove the squad out of a hamlet while Jaroze was on the other side of several buildings. Lt Jaroze had requested Sgt Tillman be relieved but the Captain would have no of it. " All he needs is some mentoring, besides there is no one else available." is what he was told. Sgt Colton (gr I) had the third squad and while he was weak, he was better than Tillman.

Lt Jaroze vacillated between giving Tillman the toughest jobs hoping he would be wounded and giving him the easiest so his men wouldn't be captured. He kept Tillman back during the sweep. He now put Tillman's squad on point along the cart path to the river. It should be easy since the obvious place for Charlie to strike would have been from the hamlet. Ssgt Davis was with first squad and a pig (M60 LMG) 40 yards behind. Jaroze followed with 3rd squad and a second pig to keep tabs on Sgt Colton.Up ahead automatic weapons fire shook Jaroze out of his ponderings. Sgt Tillman reported over the net that they had walked into an ambush to the front (bunker in the elephant grass) and from behind the hedge to the left. He had 3 down and was retreating to the barn on the right. Jaroze cursed his decision to let Tillman lead. He immediately ordered Davis to take his squad left and fire down the hedge line. He moved up to get a better look at the situation. Automatic fire (MMG) was sweeping the path and now turned to the barn where Tillman's squad lay shaken. He radioed Tillman to lay suppressive fire on the MG so Davis could move up. He had just ordered Sgt Colton's squad to sweep left around a hill to take the MG from the rear when Sgt Tillman and 5 grunts came streaming out of the barn towards the hamlet. Jaroze was so furious he forgot the fire sweeping the road and stopped his 6 charges 20 yards from the barn.

He rallied them and sent them back. picture 1 SSgt Davis had by now cleared the hedge of VC as evidenced by 3 motionless bodies clad in black. Where the h--- was Colton? Sgt Colton was cautiously working his way around the hill; too cautiously
for Jaroze's liking. The MG was tearing into the barn where Sgt Tillman's men were at least now firing at the MMG. Jaroze caught up with Colton and started them moving in a hurry. They ran into a squad of VC in the paddies and Pvt Hocking went down with a bad stomach wound. Jaroze working in tandem with SSgt Davis drove the
VC out of the paddies and into the elephant grass. Lt Jaroze drove his men to cross the road but the VC machine gunners were faster.

SSgt Davis's squad did manage to catch 4 VC crossing the path into the elephant grass and they paid the ultimate price for their communist ideology. By the time 3rd squad found the back of the VC bunker the gun and men had fled.

2 american KIA and 2 WIA while the VC lost 6 KIA including 1 leader and several blood trails led through the grass.

After the game Lt Jaroze had a 50% chance of relieving Tillman and missed his roll. Will Tillman get killed? fragged? better? Who knows, but that is half the fun I get from playing.