Friday, October 23, 2009

AAR - October 22 - Cold War Commander

Scott and I played a game of Cold War Commander last night, with 2000 point armies from the Arab-Isreali Wars. We chose the Yom Kippur war (1973) as our topic. Airpower and AA units were off the list.

The Israeli force I put together looked like this:
1x CO (command 10)
2x HQ (command 9)
1x FAO (command 7)
1x Recce Infantry Scouts

1xAssault Armor Platoon - 2xM-60 Magach tanks, and 1xM113 APC (with two squads of infantry, armed with IATW)

1xAssault Armor Platoon - 2xCenturion Sh'ot tanks, and 1xM113 APC (with two squads of infantry, armed with IATW)

1xMech Infantry Platoon - 3xM113 APC (with two squads of infantry, armed with IATW; 1x infantry 81mm mortar; 1x infantry MAPATS ATGW; 2x infantry HMG teams)

1xReserve Infantry Ambush - three squads of infantry, armed with IATW

2xOffboard L-33 155mm howitzers

The Arab force (a Syrian force) against us was armed with T55s and T62s, but had more of them than our Centurions and M-60s. Their infantry seemed to be in BMPs and they were also supported by BRDMs.

Joining me on the Israeli side were Ken Whitehurst and John Callahan, each commanding one of the assault armor platoons.

Joining Scott on the Arab side was David Dietrich.

The game was a lot of fun, although it dragged for a while. The Israeli artillery was pretty successful at counter-battery fire. We won, but that just means it is time for a rematch (soon).

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