Friday, October 30, 2009

AAR - October 29 - the Hangar

Great meeting of the club members tonight. There were a couple of games going on - several DBA games - Dave v. Wayne, and Dave v. Chuck. Both matchups were Carthaginians v. Camillan Romans. Dave played the Romans in the first game, losing to Wayne, and he played Dread Carthago in the second game, and beat Chuck.

The highlight game of the night seemed to be the great looking Cold War Commander game between Scott and Carl. US vs. Soviets. M1A1 Abrams vs. T80s. Bradleys, Super-Cobras, Soviet Artillery with Thermobaric rounds. All the cool modern toys. Looked like a great scenario. This modern stuff is infectious.

Finally, there was some Settlers of Catan being played after. Sandy won the first game (edging out Erik, Dave and Chuck), and Erik won the second game (squashing Sandy, Oscar and Chuck).

Good times, sorry for all those who weren't there.

Next week is Fall In (huzzah), and the week after we will be back to more gaming!

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