Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AAR - Shako II - December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas saw a most excellent game of Shako II being played at the Hangar.

It was a Peninsula battle, with the French trying to oust the Spanish.

The Spanish forces were divided into three forces. The first, played by Me (chuck) was defending a walled town and a bridge approaching the main gate. I had a pile of second rate (and worse) infantry and a heavy gun battery defending from (mostly) behind the walls.

The other two forces (commanded by Steve M. and Cliff) were relief commands that would enter the game later on.

Against the Spanish was a respectable French column, played by Carl, Eric and John M. They came up and got close to the town, to be pummeled by the Spanish artillery and some infantry fire, but eventually overwhelmed the valiant defense put up by Don Turnitsa. French Marshal McCabe stormed the bridge and breached the Spanish defenses a few turns after the Spanish Relief forces arrived and began harassing the other elements in the French Column.

I (personally) wasn't there to see the end of the fight, but it is fun to play with lesser quality troops sometimes. Not every battle can be a cosmic struggle for truth and justice between the Old Guard and the Black Watch. You gotta have fun, and that is what this splendid little Christmas scenario from the McCabe brothers was all about.

Thanks for the chance to play, and thanks for helping to increase the value of being a gamer in ODMS.

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  1. Hey there any pics or OB's and terrain map of the battle?