Saturday, April 17, 2010

La Colina Verde - Spanish American War (May 6)

On May 6, Chuck will be running a Spanish-American War game. Plenty of room for commanders, just drop him an email through the ODMS mailing list. The scenario will be called "La Colina Verde" and will take place in San Balkano (my fictional version of Cuba, for wargaming).

The Spanish hold the villa at the top of Colina Verde, and have heavy reinforcements moving through the area to the river docks, but they Americans have the hill surrounded. Can the Spanish sally down the hill and clear the way for their reinforcement column? Or will the US Forces prove too tough for the Spanish and their "Havana Rifle" allies? (pictured below - American forces attempting to force the Spanish Position)

A fascinating conflict, and (as far as I know) a new one for ODMS. These will be new rules ("A Splendid Little War"), but will be based on "Forward for the Czar" (my Russo-Japanese Rules).

Some good links on the Spanish-American War are

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