Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Community Connection

Our club participated in the very nicely run Hunt for Hampton History - a celebration of the 400th anniversary of Hampton, and other settlement of our local area here in Virginia.

We set up some games - American War of Independence and American Civil War - and then played these out in public, as demonstrations. Whenever someone showed interest in the game and how it worked, we tried to get them to sit in and play one of the commands for a few turns. There were a good number of kids who played, and I think that we made a good impression on the community about wargaming.

It was a real fun time, and I would like to do more. If you think this is a good idea, leave some comments below.


  1. A great idea. Catch their interest when they are young, show the parents that the hobby teaches history and involves more than just staring at a computer screen - perfect.

  2. There are some other comments from Justin (another member of ODMS) at his blog -
    Hampton 400 and at At the Hampton 400