Friday, June 11, 2010

Upcoming Games for ODMS at the Hangar!

Hey Lads - some wargaming is about to commence!!

Okay, here at the upcoming dates -

June 12 - Battle of Oder (15mm Napoleonics, Shako2, Steven Maccabe) - 6pm

June 17 - Battle of McDowell (15mm ACW, Neil Thomas Rules, Cliff Creech) - 6pm

June 19 - Crossing the Hoffhandel (15mm Napoleonics, Shako2, Chuck Turnitsa) - 10am

July 8 - Entering Beulah Land (28mm ACW, Black Powder, Chuck Turnitsa) - 6pm

Upcoming Conventions -

July 8-11 - Carl Con - Our "Consolation" convention - held at the Hangar (for those that can't make it to Valley Forge this year).

July 8-11 - Historicon - in Valley Forge, PA.

August 13-15 - Guns of August - Williamsburg, VA.

September 24-26 - Southern Front, Raleigh, NC.

October 29-31 - Fall In, Lancaster, PA.

We need more events (both at the Hangar, and for Guns of August) - send em in!!

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