Friday, May 28, 2010

AAR - May 27

A great time playing Shako, hosted by Wayne. See the posting over at Gaming with Chuck.

Also, Cliff had an older (but still looked quite nice) campaign system for ACW gaming, and he was working with Justin on how to modify it to work with the Neil Thomas rules.

Lots of murmurings about the upcoming Guns of August, and also what the club wants to do about attending Southern Front, en masse. We are thinking of running a bunch of games.

While we (those of us playing miniatures) played on in our Shako Game, quite a few of the other guys there played a few rounds of Plague and Pestilence. Always a winner at ODMS.

In all - a great time, although I brought Steam with me, and we never did get to play.

There were, as a consolation prize, some really good meatball sandwiches for everyone.


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