Thursday, January 12, 2012

AAR - Fire and Fury, January 10

We had a great game of Fire ad Fury, set up by Wayne, using his really attractive 10mm GHQ ACW armies.  Here is an after action review written by John Snelling . . .

New guys are being attracted every time we play on Tuesday nights at World's Best Comics, which is great.

It was a long time since I've played F and F and really forgot how quick units get into action more on that later. Accouple games of Wings of War lost one and won one they were fast games.

It's good to see Rob planning to come by and run an ACW ship game - WOW that's been a long time since I've gamed ACW ships decades ago. It should be really nice.

  Action at Green Castle scenario by Wayne (Dewayne) Hill
The Union really got the jump on the Rebels but the Rebels stubbornly fought back.

A standstill. No side giving ground despite numerous charges. No give and take just stand your ground and trade volley after volley.

Union General Turnista was carried off the field due to exhaustion. Then Union General Dietrick was wounded severly when his horse was shot and went down, after a long struggle he finally freed himself only to be kicked in the groin by the horses last gasp of life. 

What would the Union do?

Without any hesitataion Col. J. Dent arose to the occassion. The word spread from brigade to brigade, regiment to regiment, man to man that the Col. was a fightin man's man. Gaining courage, like strong fingers turning into a steel fist, the Union soldiers charged again and again into a hailstorm of hell to emerge victorious. The stubborn and equally courageous rebs could stand no more and were routed from the field. 
 Triumph on the field. Soldiers carried Col. Dent on their shoulders praising him for his wisdom and bravery. Later Col. Dent was promoted to General by the President.

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