Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swap Meet - a great success!

Lots of guys showed up at the ODMS swap meet on May 1, at the Hangar. There were lots of things for sale, including toy soldiers, books, games and loads of accessories. No fresh vegetables were available, however, some members of the club brought close to a dozen boxes of donuts, and lots of goodies were cooked on the grill (burgers, hot dogs, etc).

A lot about the Guns of August was discussed, and lots of the guys attending mentioned that they would be either (1) running games, or (2) helping with the staffing of the convention. We need both, but more games are always welcomed!

Other than a lovely and relaxing day spent outside in the shade, talking wargaming and other fun stuff, the evening drew to a close around dinner time with a hand of Naval War. Byron won, probably because he is a world famous wargame designer, and because he brought some watermelon soaked in coconut rum.

A great day, and hopefully we'll have many more at Carl's Place.

-ODMS Social Correspondent

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