Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spanish American War 15mm - Thursday, May 6

  • Scenario: La Colina Verde (fictional)
  • Rules: "A Splendid Little War" - homebrew by Chuck Turnitsa
  • Scale: 15mm
  • Period: Spanish American War

On the Spain-held island of San Balkano, in the Caribbean, the ring of hills around the Spanish capitol city of Puerto Gris is held by an assortment of Spanish troops from the Spanish Army, the Spanish Foreign Legion, and even Spanish Sailors from the port. The American division under General Rider has decided to break through on a gentle slope known as Green Hill (Colina Verde) against a couple of Spanish held towns. Will the advantage of smokeless powder help the Spanish? Will the elite US Colored troops break through the Spanish defenses? Can the dynamite gun provide all the excitement of a loose meat-log in a convention hotel room?

Here is a map (with the rough location of the Spanish brigades shown in Red, and the US brigades shown in Blue).

The rules are a modification of Chuck's Russo-Japanese war rules. The major difference (other than for some weapons and tactics of the SAW that differ from the RJW) will be in unit activation. A card for a brigade, draw cards. One brigade from each side gets a bonus move each turn. Should make the game fluid.

Come on Thursday, May 6, and give the game a try.

Chuck (referee)

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