Monday, May 17, 2010

More Info about D-Day Game (June 5, 2010)

Hi this is Joseph Berry, Gamemaster for this years D-DAY game.

This game will be held on June 5th the first Saturday in June, at the Hangar (see the ODMS club page for directions). This is are 3rd Annual D-day Game and the Germans have won two years in a row.

It is time for the Allied forces to actually win, hopefully. I have already quite a few people signed up.

There are only 3 German spots left open and 1 British spot, then we are full.

The people I have signed up are.
  • Utah Beach (Americans- John Callahan Jr. and his assistant)
  • Ste. Marie-du-mont (Americans- Joseph Berry) (Germans- Jimi)
  • Ste Mere Eglise (Americans- John Callahan Sr. and Tom) (Germans- John Pate)
  • Pointe Du Hoc (Americans- David Dietrich)
  • Pegasus Bridge (Germans- Dean)
I need a German player to defend Utah beach;
I need a German player to defend Pointe Du Hoc;
I need a German player in Ste Mere Eglise;
and I need a British player to assault Pegasus Bridge.

Contact me if you wish to play, there are not a lot of spots open.

The Books that will be used in this D-Day game are D-Minus 1, Bloody Omaha, D-Day and Festung Europa

In this D-Day game there are no tank companies at all. All infantry companies with tank support that’s it.

I will be sending out further details at a later date.

Thanks Joseph

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