Saturday, May 22, 2010

June 12 Shako Game - Mac

Steven MacCabe will be hosting what sounds like a very cool Shako game, on Saturday June 12, at 6PM. Here is his announcement form the mailing list . . .

The Russians have won the costly 1812 Campaign in Russia. January and February has seen the Russians advance into Poland, crossing the Vistula and Niemen River. The Prussians have risen in revolt and are mobilizing their forces. On Februrary 26, the Prussians and Russians sign a peace treaty.

The Russians have suffered greatly, but they are now on the advance and have the advantage of shorter supply lines than the French. The French now occupy a hostile country. To the south, is the Army of Austria, the only army still intact after the Russian Campaign. They are waiting for the moment to switch sides and go against their ancient enemy and revenge for all the many defeats.

The French are led by the very capable Eugene Geauharnais, who has been left in charge in Germany to reorganize and refit the shattered remanants. Even if a former shell of what advanced into Russia, he has done a brilliant job of fufilling his mission. Napoleon sends the order to make a stand at the Oder River and stop the Russian advance. In defiance of the Emperor, on March 1st, Eugene decides to abandon the Oder River and move his forces back to Berlin rather than confront the Russians.

On March 2nd, Eugene realizes the significance of the Oder River. If he can stop or delay the Russians, it will buy more time for Napoleon to mobilize his forces in France. If he can have a decisive victory, it may alter the course of 1813 completely, with Napoleon being able to trounce the Prussians and the Austrians may decide not to go against the French. And of course, there will be forever the name of Eugene Geauharnais in the anals of history.

June 12th at 6PM, we will be running "the Battle of the Oder". A movement to contact as both sides move to control the strategic locations, of the Bridge, the town, and the summit. Will you be the Russian commander that will push aside the French forces and speed up the liberation of Germany or will you be the French commander, proving your worth as the more capable commander, yet not really accomplishing anything of true strategic importance? Or will you be the French commander that brings about the decisive victory that France so desperatly needs?

Who will you be?

Hope to see you on the 12th. This will be a $5 event at the Hanger...

Further, he posted some info about the OB and the scenario. Here it is:

OOB will be out of the Shako Book for 1813 with one bonus selection. Very large fight. Multiple divisions coming in at different times based on Order of March.

I have built a "reserve chart" to determine what turn units are coming in.

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