Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speed Circuit - May 20

Special Notice from Racemaster Wayne about the Speed Circuit games on May 20 (at the Hangar)

Up to 8 Drivers; 1 warm-up race (1 lap, to learn/refresh memories);

3 races (2 laps each):
1. The Grand Prix of Ipsus,
2. The Grand Prix of L├╝tzen,
3. The Grand Prix of Uranus (don't get excited Paul, it's named after Zhukov's Operation Uranus!).

Points for finishing each race, as per the current F1 Points System:

1st: 25 points
2nd: 18 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 12 points
5th: 10 points
6th: 8 points
7th: 6 points
8th: 4 points

The driver with the most points after all 3 races wins the season;
Prize? Maybe : )

Slideshow of our intro to the game a few weeks ago

Cars roll off at 6:39 (Special Time for the staff of Gaming with Chuck, think 6:03!)

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