Saturday, May 8, 2010

AAR - Thursday May 6

This was a great night at the Hangar for ODMS.

Two main games were played, at least while this reporter was still there.

First was the Spanish American War miniatures game. Six players and a referee, having fun with 15mm Spanish-American figures (the old Richard Houston collection, re-released late last year by The Virtual Armchair General). Earlier posts on that game are located here, here and here. Pictures from the game are here. On the Spanish side, the players were Justin Grabowski (C-in-C), David Dietrich, and John Dent. On the US side, the players were Carl Sciscio, Kai Weaver (C-in-C), and Eric Terry. The Spanish were defending a walled town at the top of a hill. The rules were tried out for the first time, and could use a little polish.

The second game played was Horus Heresy, by Ken Whitehurst and Scott Kidd.

More on these later, as well as photos.

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