Monday, November 17, 2008

AAR - Saturday, Saturday November 15

Jon K and Oscar S played a terrific game using Justin's WWII skirmish rules, and Jon's excellent new terrain collection from Pegasus Buildings and Miniature Building Authority.

The game was visually stunning, and we are promised some future refights, with pictures this time!

After the game, there were several matches of "Station Master". Rule number one - don't get on the train with Carl. Rule number two - don't sit near the guy with the double cheeseburger.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ODMS at Fall In 2008

A great time was had by the ODMS contingent that attended Fall In. Three ODMS associated dealers were present at the show - Miniatures of Chesapeake, Cotton Jim Flags, and Quartermaster. Also associated with ODMS was Collins Epic Wargames - with Byron and his lovely wife demo'ing and selling his very cool WWII games. Former ODMS member Rob Eubanks was at the show, but not in official capacity as a dealer.

Notable games played were Russo-Japanese War (15mm) played between John Snelling and Chris Borucki (with some of Chris' friends from Maryland joining in) on Thursday night. It was a final playtest of the rules, and a test of the scenario. It was fun for all involved.

Friday, at 6:00pm, Chuck hosted another Russo-Japanese War game that was on the PEL - 6 players who had a good time. Of interest, the roles were reversed in the two games (it was a river crossing scenario, and the Russians were first on the Offensive and then on the Defensive), but the Russians won both scenarios. Curious.

Saturday at 9:00am, Chuck also hosted a 28mm game of The Sword and the Flame - it was listed in the PEL for six players but was expanded to 9 players. A good time was had by most. The scenario was a combined column of Egyptian and British forces were led into a blind canyon, and had to fight their way out to freedom - with a large gathering of Mahdist forces trying to stop them. The Anglo-Egyptians almost made it. Almost . . .

Finally, Saturday night at 8:00pm, an ODMS only game of TSATF (set in Afghanistan) was played. Jon Krigbaum and Carl Sciscio played using Krigbaum's excellently painted British forces against Chuck's Pathan warriors (played by John Snelling, Chuck Turnitsa, Oscar Stephenson, and Paul Crouch - with occasional and sporadic refereeing by the redoubtable Chris Borucki). Another river crossing (all these river crossings could have something to do with the new River available from Battlefront that Carl was selling). There was a lot of bloodshed, and tears, and laughter, and midgets. The game was a swamp for the Pathans, but we had a lot of fun anyway.

Some shopping, some whining, some mediocre chinese buffet for lunch. Gettysburg was lovely - the leaves were in season and the weather was perfect. Maybe next year for those who couldn't make it this year.

This was my second year, last year for only one day. All in all, a great show - I hope they

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall In in just three more days

That's right, the big HMGS-East Fall convention - Fall In! is coming up this weekend. Be sure to look out for ODMS AARs and pictures of games.

Can't wait? Well talk up what you are going to play on the mailing list!