Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New Articles posted by ODMS authors

Over at the ODMS website, there have been a couple of recent articles - these are two "how to" articles, explaining in some detail (suitable for a beginner to the rules) how to play two different games.

The first is Cold War Commander - which we have been using in the club recently to play some Modern Micro Armor games, mostly in the 1973 Egyptian/Israeli conflict (Sinai).
The second is Jagdpanzer - which will be used for some upcoming WW2 microarmor games.  These rules used to be played a long time ago at Campaign Headquarters by some of the earliest members of ODMS, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  The rules date to 1985, but are still an excellent choice for fast play WW2 combined arms land combat.
Both of those articles can be found as pdf downloads at the ODMS website.

Sean has posted an excellent "player's guide" on the basics of David Brown's rule set General d'Armee.  These are great rules, and are designed to handle battles of a larger type than his earlier rules, General de Brigade.  Sean's article is located here, at his blog.

As an aside, there are a number of great articles and downloads available for both General d'Armee and General de Brigade, at David Brown's blog.  For instance - the FAQ and Index for General d'Armee.