Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Saturday in November

Okay, so Fall In was a great success for all the ODMS guys who went (Carl and Jim did good in the Dealer's hall; John and Paul did good in the flea market; Lots of good games played by everyone else; Rob bought drinks for the guys in the bar).

This weekend (following a terrible storm - wind, rain, flooding) we played an 1809 game using Shako II rules over at Carl's place. It was a lot of fun.

Austrians vs. Polish. Austrians (John M., James, and Carl) were assaulting across a river against a poorly defended Polish position. Polish (Steven M., Chuck, Erik) were defending against a marshy river crossing, holding on for 7 turns until the Lancers would show up.

Against the common wisdom of the scenario. the Polish did REALLY quite good early on (their artillery was doing well, and the forlorn hope division that Erik commanded across the river did excellent). By the time the Lancers arrived at the battlefield, it was almost all over for the poor Austrians.

This one was so weird (great dice for the Polish, again and again; poor dice for the Austrians) that it almost demands a replay.

Here is a picture of the Shot Up Austrians, beginning to cross the only bridge over the marshy (but fordable) river.

Friday, October 30, 2009

AAR - October 29 - the Hangar

Great meeting of the club members tonight. There were a couple of games going on - several DBA games - Dave v. Wayne, and Dave v. Chuck. Both matchups were Carthaginians v. Camillan Romans. Dave played the Romans in the first game, losing to Wayne, and he played Dread Carthago in the second game, and beat Chuck.

The highlight game of the night seemed to be the great looking Cold War Commander game between Scott and Carl. US vs. Soviets. M1A1 Abrams vs. T80s. Bradleys, Super-Cobras, Soviet Artillery with Thermobaric rounds. All the cool modern toys. Looked like a great scenario. This modern stuff is infectious.

Finally, there was some Settlers of Catan being played after. Sandy won the first game (edging out Erik, Dave and Chuck), and Erik won the second game (squashing Sandy, Oscar and Chuck).

Good times, sorry for all those who weren't there.

Next week is Fall In (huzzah), and the week after we will be back to more gaming!

Friday, October 23, 2009

AAR - October 22 - Cold War Commander

Scott and I played a game of Cold War Commander last night, with 2000 point armies from the Arab-Isreali Wars. We chose the Yom Kippur war (1973) as our topic. Airpower and AA units were off the list.

The Israeli force I put together looked like this:
1x CO (command 10)
2x HQ (command 9)
1x FAO (command 7)
1x Recce Infantry Scouts

1xAssault Armor Platoon - 2xM-60 Magach tanks, and 1xM113 APC (with two squads of infantry, armed with IATW)

1xAssault Armor Platoon - 2xCenturion Sh'ot tanks, and 1xM113 APC (with two squads of infantry, armed with IATW)

1xMech Infantry Platoon - 3xM113 APC (with two squads of infantry, armed with IATW; 1x infantry 81mm mortar; 1x infantry MAPATS ATGW; 2x infantry HMG teams)

1xReserve Infantry Ambush - three squads of infantry, armed with IATW

2xOffboard L-33 155mm howitzers

The Arab force (a Syrian force) against us was armed with T55s and T62s, but had more of them than our Centurions and M-60s. Their infantry seemed to be in BMPs and they were also supported by BRDMs.

Joining me on the Israeli side were Ken Whitehurst and John Callahan, each commanding one of the assault armor platoons.

Joining Scott on the Arab side was David Dietrich.

The game was a lot of fun, although it dragged for a while. The Israeli artillery was pretty successful at counter-battery fire. We won, but that just means it is time for a rematch (soon).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Services for Rich Villella

A while back, a good friend of ours, and a member of the local wargaming community passed away. There is a eulogy at Chuck's blog remembering Rich Villella.

For ODMS members who remember Rich Villella - this was forwarded by James Curtis -

A memorial service will be held in honor of Richard S. Villella on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 5:30 PM at the Bucktrout Funeral Home on Ironbound Road in Williamsburg . Richard passed away unexpectedly August 21, 2009 at his home. He was 59 years old and worked for Colonial Williamsburg for 28 years as a human resources generalist. Richard will be remembered for his love of family and friends, travel and history. Friends and colleagues are invited to join his family at the memorial.

Location & time:
Bucktrout of Williamsburg
4124 Ironbound RD
16 Oct 09 5:30 PM

Directions from Hampton:
I-64W exit 242B to 199
199 take Monticello exit.
veer right on to Monticello Ave
first traffic light take a right on to Ironbound RD
Follow to next light: located on the right

Dress: civilian casual; any military uniform; or Colonial Williamsburg in costume if coming from work.

Funeral Home URL:

If you have any questions, please contact me at 757-639-2121

James Curtis

View Larger Map

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Galley Sally - Photo Report

Photos from the recent (Sept 24) ancient naval battle, hosted by Dave and using the "My Galley Sally" rules, have been posted online at:


Sunday, October 4, 2009

AAR - Successor Campaign

We played Wayne's excellent home-made Successor campaign this past Thursday (Oct 1).

The game featured four players - Dave, John, Wayne, and myself. Wayne also served as mentor, tutor, girl-guide, and boy scout to us all as we learned his new system.

The system is a bit more involved (in a very good way) than most of the mini-campaigns that we have tried in the past. It all worked together, however, very well and produced a number of battles (which is the point).

We used a random army system where every army that engaged had its composition randomly determined each battle season (from a list of Successor armies, from the DBA rulebook).

The game featured some naval action (in an abstracted, but satisfying, manner).

The components were very skillfully done by Wayne, and are very interesting in themselves.

I must admit that it was fun to be on the winning side (Team Blue, which consisted of myself and John, vs. Team Red, which was Dave and Wayne). And that was with me fighting my first battle using the Arkansas Chug-a-Bug of Successor armies (II/18c - Macedonian Early Successor, Kassandros). That army has 4 pike, but gets rewarded by having 4 aux (whoopie). Still, it did well enough against Wayne's army (which I don't recall, but had to be either Seleucid II/19a or Ptolemaic II/20a), even though he had 2 Knights and 1 Light Horse, to my 1 Knight and 1 Cav. Very interesting fight. My elephant beat a unit of his auxilia which were backed by psiloi. Splat!

See some of the action in these great photos.

Great stuff - I can't wait for our next DBA night, which will be October 29.

-Chuck (roving reporter of the ODMS wargaming scene)

Upcoming Schedule - October

Upcoming Events at the Hangar (and ODMS related Conventions)

Oct 8 - Go for Broke (Pacific) 28mm - Cliff and Justin

Oct 8 - Cold War Commander - 6mm - Scott and Chuck

Oct 9-11 - Southern Front website

Oct 15 - ??

Oct 17-18 - Military History Weekend (Williamsburg) flyer

Oct 22 - 1/285th scale Arab-Israeli Wars scenario for Cold War Commander (org. by Wayne, Chuck, others)

Oct 29 - DBA free for all (Org by Wayne and John Dent) 15mm

Nov 6-8 - Fall In! (Gettysburg) website

Friday, September 25, 2009

Go for Broke - Pacific

Cliff is announcing the following game - at the Hangar!

Oct 15 (Thursday) - WW2 Pacific in 28mm (USMC vs. Japanese SNLF), using Go For Broke! rules.

USMC attacking with objective to destroy Japanese field gun and occupy Japanese position.

Platoon HQ (with spotter), 3 rifle squads, offboard mortar support.

Japanese SNLF:
Platoon HQ, 70mm field gun, mortar squad, 2 rifle squads.

Friday, September 11, 2009

WAB Punic Wars - Sept 10 2009 AAR

This week, at the ODMS meeting at the Hangar, we played a game of Warhammer Ancient Battles, modeled (loosely) after the great and terrible conflicts of the Punic Wars (such as the battles of Trebbia, Lake Trasimene, Cannae, or later, Zama). More appropriately it was modeled after a bunch of aging wargamers in denial about their lumbago, but still wanting to roll dice and boast about it.

Example - "A-ha!! I rolled two sixes! See, proof of my Tactical Genius!!"

Leading the Carthaginian Horde was General Paulus Barco. Named "Paulus Decrepticus" by his ardent follows, and some besmirching roman historians. More importantly than his knowledge of the period, and his love of wargaming, are perhaps the facts that he owns the singularly most beautiful Carthaginian army in 28mm that I have ever seen. And a copy of the Warhammer Hannibal book. Paulus was overall commander of the Carthaginian horde, and on the field he commanded the Carthaginian Left - consisting of the Punic Heavy Cavalry, and the African Infantry, and the Punic Veteran Infantry. Oh yeah, he also suffered from some disease called Ligurians. Or is that a pasta dish? In the game, they were some unit of barbarian infantry, also known as the Ligurian Mixed Weapons of Sudden Doom. In addition he had a unit of Balearic Slingers of Death. Ah, yes. There are also the War Elephants. All in all, Paulus Decrepticus was a very able commander in the game. But on the Carthaginian staff, he was not alone. In general the fighting was pretty thick on the Carthaginian Left. Paulus was facing the Roman Consul Brianus of Tampa (he's not there yet), but more on him later.

In the center there was General Darylius Pontificatus. General Darylius seems to have joined the Carthaginian army only recently, being fresh from the provinces. General Darylius commanded the remainder of the Carthaginian battleline of heavy infantry, complementing General Paulus' African and Punic infantry with two additional units of African Infantry. It is possible that these formations are based on the Sacred Band of Carthage (from the Fourth Century, famous for participating in the Third Punic War, and distinguishing themselves at the battle of Crimissus in Sicily, 340 BC). On the other hand, it is equally likely that they are based on the sacred band of Doobie Brothers. I am not sure how the formations were modeled in the Hannibal book, but in this alternate list from Tony Edwards and the St. Louis area WAB players, they model the Citizen infantry with a WS of only 2. Stinky!

Finally, on the Carthaginian right, was general Davidian the Fanatici. It is worth noting that General Davidian only ever fights on the right, and never on the left. He was left with the unenviable task of facing Consul Chuckus Maximus (brave stalwart of Rome, and wielder of the sacred pen). General Davidian was left with three units of Skirmishing infantry, and three units of light Cavalry. With these he did very well against his opponent, but will always be remembered more for the fact that he had Negroid Numidians, rather than Semitic Numidians. Evidently a point of contention for those involved in the battle. They were considered to be "berbers" according to Livy, but what did he know. General Davidian had a couple of units of his skirmishing infantry (of dubious national origin) face off against some Light Legionaires, and given the better equipment and training of the legionaires, they fared poorly. There was a unit of Spanish, however who, in addition to be Sneaky (see countless BlackAdder references on sneaky Spanish for reference - "Pardon me, Meeester"), fought rather well in the rocky terrain on that part of the battlefield. General Davidian assures us that soon, he will introduce us to his galley, which is named Sally.

On the Roman side we had the overall commander being Consul Brianus of Tampa (he's not there yet). He commanded troops on the right, favoring a Strong Infantry Formation. Consul Brianus (he's not there yet) was in command of four strong (24 figure) formations of Roman Legionaires. A powerful group of figures, led by his personal figure, and a Lictor bearing his personal standard. After some maneuvering, and Dealing with the Balearic Slingers of Death, and the Ligurian Mixed Weapons of Sudden Doom he was able to finally come to grips with the real meat of General Paulus Decrepticus. That meant fighting the African Infantry, the Veteran Infantry, and the Elephants. All in all, Consul Brianus (he's not there yet) performed very well. Those Legionaires are really worth the points they cost, don't be deceived. Being Drilled and Stubborn (no, that is not a comment on their lifestyle) is an incredible benefit. And they have great equipment options. We (Roman Wargames Commanders) should thank those ancient Italian guys for having such great foresight. Oh, at this point it should be pointed out that this battle is a complete farce. The Roman side used the Early Imperial Roman army list, rather than the Consular Army List from Spartacus, or the Republican Roman army list from either Hannibal or Ancient Armies. This is because the Roman players did not have the correct figures available to them, in sufficient numbers to use those lists. Meh. To quote Donaldus Rumsfeldus (another famous Roman Consul), "You go to war with the army you have."
The Roman Center was commanded by a sort of anomaly. Sir Scott of Calais, a Norman Knight, was on lend lease to the Roman Army, by way of student exchange program.He was in the center, and commanded a unit of Legionaires, a Scorpion (rock you like a hurricane), and a unit of Lanciarii (Light Legionaires). They fared against General Darylius, from the Provinces. Sir Scott (lacking anything riding a warhorse, and in the unseemly scale of 28mm) did pretty well against the competition, and in fact was able to poke General Paulus' elephants a couple of times with the Scorpion. As Sir Scott has a number of additional Unpainted Roman Figures, but now has time and a place to paint, perhaps we shall see more of him in 28mm in the future. Other than poking the elephant with the Scorpion, he also was able to use the cool Drilled infantry skill of sidestepping against an Elephant charge. He was therefore fighting not only General Darylius but also General Paulus.

Finally, on the Roman Left, facing the Carthaginian Right, there is Consul Chuckus Maximus, whose idea the whole thing was in the first place. However, it would not have been possible without the assistance of General Paulus and Consul Brianus (he's not there yet). Consul Chuckus commanded two large (24 figure) units of Veteran Legionaires, upgraded with heavy army, and a single unit of Lanciarii (Light Legionaires, upgraded with slings). His second unit of Lanciarii was given to the able Sir Scott in the center. Leading this band of merry Roman ne'r do wells was the Consul himself, and a personal Standard. Facing off against Consul Chuckus was General Davidian. Although there was a fierce fight between the Skirmishing infantry of dubious national origin and the Roman Lanciarii (which the Romans won), the Lanciarii subsequently found themselves trapped between Spanish infantry ("Pardon me Meester") and some Spanish light cavalry. The Lanciarii went out whirring their slings. That is not code talk.

The game was a lot of fun, but it went rather slowly (probably due to rustiness on the rules, and also starting late). Next time, agree to points ahead of time and have the battle lists ready.

Also present at the game were the usual ODMS worthies. Carl, Justin, Snelling and John Dent were there.

Danny Jackson made an appearance. He mentioned his ancient rules (Danhammer) and is looking to set up a game.

Oscar was there, and is interested in more Blitzkrieg Commander and Cold War Commander.

Unfortunately, noticeably absent were both Krigbaum and Josephus. Rumor has it that Krigbaum is really quite busy, and that Josephus has been taking private tutor lessons from a baby squirrel on how to look cute for his girlfriend. Maybe we'll see both of them at the next game session.

Friday, August 28, 2009

UPCOMING EVENTS - September and October 2009

All of these will be at the Hanger (except the two conventions) in coming weeks . . .

Sept 12 - Shako II Battle of Talavera - 15mm (John C.)

Sept 17 - Go For Broke (WWII Skirmish) - 28mm (Oscar)

Sept 24 - My Galley Sally (Ancient Naval Action) - 15mm (Dave)

Sept 26 - Flames of War Late War Tournament - 1750 points, qualifier event for the Nationals in October - 15mm

Oct 1 - Alexandrian Successors DBA Campaign - run by Zama Granicus (Wayne) - 15mm

Oct 9,10,11 - Southern Front

Oct 17,18 - Military History Weekend in Williamsburg

Oct 22 - 1/285th scale Arab-Israeli Wars scenario for Cold War Commander (org. by Wayne, Chuck, others)

Oct 29 - DBA free for all (Org by Wayne and John Dent) 15mm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Military History Weekend in Williamsburg (Oct 16-18)

Osprey announces . . .

We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of a new military history show, partly sponsored by Osprey. The Military History Weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia, which runs from October 16-18, 2009, is a chance for you to join us and meet World War II veterans, re-enactors, family history experts and authors to learn more about your military heritage.

Bring your family along too, as kids' activities and events for partners are also available.

More Information.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shako II game - August 15 at the Hangar

Organized by John McCabe.

Still looking for players, from what I have heard.

Check in on the mailing list...

Fall In - November

Coming Sooner than you think!

Just like Southern Front, it would be good to have a nice ODMS showing. Andy Turlington (of Southern Maryland Partisans) is running it. He and his club put on some excellent games at the Muster, and this will be the last Fall In at Gettysburg.

I'm going, and I'm running some games (ed.) - anyone else? Sound off on the mailing list.

Southern Front - coming soon!

Triangle Simulation Society's excellent Autumn wargaming convention:
October 9,10,11
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Hilton - $105 per night

It would be great to have a dozen ODMS guys there, all running games, having a good time, supporting one of the best regional cons in the country, promoting Williamsburg Muster, and drinking beer.

Pics from 2008

Anyone interested? sound off on the mailing list

Delenda est Carthago

Upcoming - Warhammer Ancient Battles slug-a-thon at the Hangar. Featuring the unstoppable Carthaginian Horde of Paul Crouch vs. all comers.

Friends of the Republic! Listen to me while I tell you that Carthage must be Destroyed!

I know I (ed.) will personally be there to defend the virtues of Rome and her Republic! There could be room for commanders on both sides, as well as a host of barbarian allies (numidians? gauls? spaniards?).

Other than Paul's spendid collection, Brian and I have romans out the wazoo (a technical term). Hopefully Action Dan can play (with his many barbarians). There might even be newly painted miniatures on the table. I think that Jim has Romans as well - which is good because Paul's North African Bruhaha (read: his Carthaginian Army) is quite sizable.

This game will be announced soon, but start thinking about mustering your courage to command 28mm figures in a large ODMS Punic War toy soldier fest!

August 27 - DBA Medieval Event

"A Knight in August" - DBA mini campaign - Medieval Baltic powers. Organized by Zama. This will be a 15mm campaign, done in one night, with armies from Zama and others. If you have a mid-to-late medieval army, bring it. It could be worked in. Write a question to the mailing list if you want to know more.

For some inspiration - here is a link to a good history of the Teutonic Order from founding to Prussian Crusade.

There is also an excellent review of a similar DBA event online that was held by the WADBAG guys, called the Baltic Crusades.

One of the most famous battles of the era is known by several names. Most Western sources know it as the first battle of Tannenburg (1410AD). It is known to the Poles as the battle of Grunwald, and to the Lithuanians as the battle of Zaligris. The Teutonic Order was (sadly) defeated, which laid the path to Polish and Lithuanian independence. About a century later the grandmaster of the Order converted to Lutheranism, and the order ceased being a Crusading entity.

The battle inspired a fantastic painting in 1878, by Jan Matejko of Poland. A nice version of it is online, with a fantastic closeup of detail showing Grandmaster Ulrich von Jungingen.

Finally, a nice video of the battle exists in four parts on YouTube (in Polish but with English subtitles).

Part 1 shows the two commanders (Jagiello of Poland and Ulrich Von Jungingen) planning their strategies and making speeches.

Part 2 shows the stratagems talk with the commanders (showing their secret plans - wolftraps vs. hiding in the woods), and the delivery of threats by the German Knights to the Polish command.

Part 3 shows some good action starting with the charge of the light horse (Lithuanians - practically a Mongol Horde, ala Krigbaum) against the German Foot. Pathetic. Then the Teutonic Knights come back at em.

Part 4 ends the battle with some good fight scenes. Knights on foot fighting over the Polish banner...Teutonic Knights charging in wedge. Cool stuff.

Some images of medieval Baltic warriors (poles, lithuanians, etc)
Foot troops.
Mounted troops
Lithuanian and Polish knights.

Anyway the event should be a great time. Come and play.

Historicon was Great

Many ODMS guys were at Historicon 2009 - a great time. Next year Historicon will be at the Baltimore Convention Center, instead of at the Lancaster Host Resort. What do you think? (Comment below or on the email list)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

July 9th - Gnome Wars

Dave and Jim are planning on a Gnome Wars game at the Hangar, on July 9th, just in time to get your "Gnome" on for Historicon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

D-Day Battle at the Hangar - June 6, 2009

In honor of the big battle that Joseph is organizing for June 6, here are a couple of inspirational pictures.

First, Jon Krigbaum's Germans...

Click on the image to get the real horror of these 20th Century Warriors.

Next we have a message concerning Oscar's Germans...

I think it really captures the feel of the Oscar Stephenson German Army.

(now that's thinking with your dipstick, Jimmy)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Historicon Media Update

HISTORICON Celebrates 25 Years of Historical Miniatures Gaming

Pre-Registration Now Open

Bel Air, MD (May 27 2009) -- The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society East ( commemorates the silver anniversary of HISTORICON, “the mother of all war gaming conventions” from July 16 – 19, 2009 at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Attracting thousands of historical gaming hobbyists, HISTORICON 2009 celebrates its 25th year with four days of fun on the convention theme of the 200th Anniversary of 1809 Napoleonic Wars. HMGS is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the study of military history through historical miniatures gaming, seminars, grants, and conventions.

HISTORICON 2009 features over 600 events, including elaborate historical miniatures games reflecting Napoleon’s 1809 Austrian Campaign and the Peninsular War (1807-14) and the massive and most extensive tournament program in North America – everything from DBA, DBR, and Warhammer Ancients to Field of Glory (FoG) and Flames of War (FoW). More than 700 games over the entire four days of the convention attract players from across the United States and Europe.

“The Napoleonic era has always been a great period for the wargamer and this theme allows for a broad cross-section of games, from formal massed European armies to the Spanish guerilla actions and games involving Sharpe’s Rifles,” said Pete Panzeri. “Aside from the Napoleonic era, HISTORICON 2009 offers hundreds of games and tournament events from nearly every other period of military history.”

HISTORICON also holds the HMGS War College with 40 historical presentations by scholars such as René Chartrand, military historian and author of 30+ books, and Matt Eversmann, veteran of the Battle of Mogadishu (‘Blackhawk Down’), and a Napoleonic Wars Exposition: “The Sharpe Experience.” The convention’s Painting and Modeling University allows participants to choose from a variety of classes to learn new techniques for miniature painting. Attendees can also register for the “Iron Paintbrush” Competition where teams compete to create the most eye-catching figure mini-diorama.

Other special HISTORICON events include a Wild West costume contest with prizes for kids and an adult costume contest related to pirates of 1809 – British, Spanish, French, American Navy or Marines. As part of the silver anniversary of HISTORICON, all attendees are invited to join in the free celebration. The first 3,000 attendees will receive a free 10-foot long lockable metal tape measure, and exhibitors Old Glory, Wargames Factory and Warlords will provide free figures to attendees (while supplies last). A special 25th Anniversary cake is being made just for HISTORICON by Charm City Cakes (of the Ace of Cakes Food Network show) featuring the original “Hands Bridge” logo created by artist Rich Hasenauer to promote the first HISTORICON in 1984. The cake will be on display Friday and will be served to attendees.

Everyone is invited to HISTORICON’s Silver Celebration Party on Friday at 9:30 p.m. in the Windows Restaurant. Free beer samples and promotional items will be provided by various distributors, including Kirchner (Yuengling/Sam Adams), Lancaster Beverage (Coors Light/Heineken), Sheffer (Miller Lite/Lancaster Brew), and Wilsback (Budweiser).

As the popularity of HISTORICON grows, in 2010 the convention will move to the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland, where it can accommodate (##???) attendees and (##???) vendors. Baltimore offers a wide variety of budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations, and access to historical attractions such as Fort Henry, the USS Constellation, and the Baltimore Civil War Museum.

HISTORICON is the largest historical miniatures gaming convention in the United States. Each year, thousands of avid gamers descend on what the New York Times has described as the "mother of all war gaming conventions." The event features thousands of attendees (adults and children), hundreds and hundreds of games, the world's biggest war game hobby shop, painting events, and a special awards celebration. Admission to the 4-day convention is $15 for HMGS members and $35 for non-members.

Other HMGS events include the annual “Fall In” convention to be held Nov. 6 – 9, 2009 in Gettysburg, PA, “Cold Wars”, to be held March 11 – 14, 2010 in Lancaster, PA, and “HISTORICON 2010” to be held July 8 -11, 2010 in Baltimore, MD.

For more information on HMGS, visit For more information on HISTORICON, visit

DBA Tournament Army Info Online

At my Chuck's personal wargaming blog, he posted the Army information for the upcoming (June 2009) DBA Tournament at the Hangar.

-The Management

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming Soon - Williamsburg Muster website update

Coming Soon - a revamp of the Williamsburg Muster website, with pictures from 2009!

May/June Game Schedule

Okay, the next two months already have some games/events planned - here is the list so far

April 30 (Thur) - DBA (Chuck, Wayne)
May 7 (Thur) - DBA (Chuck, Justin)
May 14 (Thur) - ??
May 21 (Thur) - WAB (Chuck, Dan)
May 23 (Sat) - Swap Meet, Cookout
May 28 (Thur) - Fast Warrior (Dave)
June 4 (Thur) - First week of DBA tournament (Chuck)
June 6 (Sat) - Big D-Day Game (Joseph, others)
June 11 (Thur) - ??
June 18 (Thur) - ??
June 20 (Sat) - Bagration FoW Game (Steven McCabe, others)
June 25(Thur) - ??

Send more games to or the ODMS or Hangar mailing lists.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alea Iacta Est - an Age of Rome DBA Tournament

The Die is Cast - an upcoming DBA Tournament, to be held in the month of June.

If there is enough player interest, I would like to run a DBA tournament during the month of June. As this tournament will stretch over four weeks, it is similar to a mapless campaign. Each battle will follow the normal rules of DBA v2.0 for terrain selection and set up. The referree (Chuck) will provide a number of pre-made playmaps for the typical terrain types of armies of this era. The games will be played in 15mm. If you want to play but don't have an army, then let me know and I can gladly lend you one. The tournament has a handicap/points system to determine the winners (four trophies, provided by me), but the players only need to be worried about playing games. As many as possible, and wherever is convenient for the players (at home, at the Hangar, at the Battle Barn, etc).

Tournament Name: The End of the Republic

Tournament Theme: The final century of the Roman Republic and the first century of the Roman Imperium saw warfare involving some of the most colorful empires and leaders in all of history. This is an exciting time to wargame, and the variety of armies really lends itself to a DBA tournament.

Description: Beginning with the reforms of Marius in the Roman army (107BC), and leading through the following two hundred years, some of the most colorful military leaders would battle in and around the Mediterranean basin. Leaders such as Marius, Jugurtha, Boudica, Vercingeterox, Agricola, Mithradates, Cleopatra, Sulla, Pompey, not to mention Julius Caesar and Marc Antony make this a very exciting period to wargame in. The Roman Legions are just the start. There are exciting armies to command ranging from the Numidians and Ptolemaic Egyptians of North Africa through the Gauls and Germans of Europe, and the armies of Pontus and Judea in the east. All of the classic troop types represented in DBA are available here. There are chariot armies, pike armies, warband armies, and blade armies. A ripe field for tournament play.

  1. Each play must submit, via email, a preferred army list, from the DBA Version 2.0 rulebook (Feb. 2001), chosen from the list presented below. This list is (broadly) the Marian Roman army, the Early Imperial Roman army, and their enemies (with the exception of the Middle Imperial Roman army). This army choice must be emailed to the referee (Chuck) no later than the end of May. If you don't have an army in 15mm to play in this tournament, then ask, I have plenty to lend.
  2. Beginning with the first week in June, each player has the opportunity to play in as many DBA games as they can arrange. Each other opponent in the tournament can be played once per week. Specific standings will not be posted until the end of the tournament, but it is in the player's best interest to play as many games per week as practical. Playing other players who have a "winning record" also pays off. Defeating a weak player may not be worth as many points as losing to a really good player. However, all games are worth points - nobody can lose points by playing.
  3. There will be four awards given. Two for the top two players, in a run-off battle - these are chosen by having highest total score. Then the player with the highest win/lose ratio. Finally, the player who plays the most number of games.
  4. Required paperwork - each week, each player must turn in a list of all games played, and against whom, and who won. It is sufficient to say "Brian played Dave, and Brian Won". This should be emailed to the referree at the end of the week.
  5. The reason that turns are oriented on weeks, rather than on Thursday nights, is to give players an opportunity to play on the weekend. Each week starts on a Monday, and ends the following Sunday (so all games play Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday count as in the same week).
  6. Final handicap of each player (at the end of the tournament) is equal to the number of games won, plus 1. So (example) if a player plays a total of eleven games in the tournament, and wins six of them, then at the end that players handicap will be equal to "7".
  7. Final score of a player will be determined by the handicap of other players he played against. For each game played, a player gains the other player's handicap in points if he beats the other player, and he gains half the other player's points if he loses to the other player.
  8. Calculation of handicap and points will be done by the Referee, so players only have to keep track of who they play, and who wins each game (this information is turned in each week, as mentioned in number 4 above).

Four awards will be made, with trophies, to be labelled with the winning player's names, and to be displayed at the Hanger and on the ODMS website - these include "Dicatator of Rome", "Magister of Equitum", "Orator of the Senate", and "Tribune of the Plebs".

  • In the end, the two player with the highest total scores will be awarded the status of "Consul of Rome" and will play each other in the final battle.
  • The player winning the final battle is awarded the title of "Dictator of Rome".
  • The player losing the final battle will be awarded the title of "Magister Equitum".
  • The player (other than the Consuls) won has the highest "handicap value" (i.e. - highest win/lose ratio) will be "Orator of the Senate".
  • The player (other than the Consuls or Orator) who plays the most games will be awarded with the title of "Tribune of the Plebs".

Week 1 1-7
Week 2 8-14
Week 3 15-21
Week 4 22-28

Winners will be announced and awarded with suitable laurels the first Thursday evening in July (July 2).

Spring Fever - this weekend

There will be a handful of ODMS gamers running events at Spring Fever. I hope that as many of you as possible can make it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming Events

There seem to be a couple of Flames of War events brewing that will be played at the hangar in the upcoming months. Also a DBA tournament, in the month of June. Watch this space for details...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Historicon in Baltimore for 2010 and 2011

UPDATE! The convention has changed (at least for 2010) from Baltimore to Valley Forge! For update see this posting

It's official . . .

Following several years of research and fact-finding, HMGS East has contracted the Baltimore Convention Center, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, for Historicon 2010 and 2011.

HMGS East logo

The Board determined that this location provides a great new opportunity to accomplish HMGS' Charter and Purpose of "Promoting the Hobby of Historical Miniatures Gaming."

After extended negotiations to meet all of HMGS's requirements, the final agreement addresses issues raised from wide-ranging discussions and Member/Vendor feedback. The Historicon Convention Team and HMGS East will continue to take input as we prepare for the move.

The Historicon Convention Team and HMGS East Board Members will now devote our full effort to meeting all of our attendee and vendor needs for Historicon to include no price increase, as well as appealing hotel, parking, dining and access/loading options.

HMGS East will release more details as soon as possible via the HMGS East Newsletter and the HMGS East Issues Forum.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tank Shock - April 25-26 - Danville VA

TSS has a website with the details about Tank Shock (April 25-26 at the American Armoured Foundation's museum in Danville Virginia). For details check it out.

If anyone in ODMS is interested in running an event, then taking some Williamsburg Muster flyers and also the banner to hang on the table would be a good thing. Email Pat Walther (email to register an event.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

AAR - Vietnam, Saturday Feb 28, 2009

Justin submitted this AAR to the email list -

Played two Vietnam games at the Hangar using modified Flashpoint Vietnam rules.

The first game John Snelling, Carl, and Brian Compton played U.S. Army squads heloed in to search a village that intel stated contained VC. I played the VC.

On landing, Sgt. Compton's squad immediately when toe-to-toe with a VC machinegun bunker in a firefight losing a man. Lt. Sciscio's squad was chopped up by a VC fire team concealed in a set of rice paddies losing two men in the process.

Compton continued fighting the bunker losing another man but taking out one VC. Sciscio could not return fire at the concealed VC in the rice paddy as he could not acquire their location but Sgt. Snelling's squad did and took out one of the VC.

VC concealed in the jungle behind Sciscio's section laid down fire on this squad killing one man and the VC in the rice paddy killing another of Sciscio's men.

Sciscio's squad finally acquired the VC in the rice paddy but their fire was weak as the result of having to have to split fire to fight the enemy in the jungle behind. Snelling's split his squad on the left of Sciscio to fire at both the VC in the rice paddy and the VC in the jungle behind his position. Snelling's fire team using overwhelming fire power finally took out the VC fire team in the paddy but could not acquire the jungle VC. Compton continued his fight with the MG nest but pulled back a little to concentrate his fire more.

Another VC fire team concealed in a hog pen began firing on Sciscio's squad killing one man. The VC in the jungle behind Sciscio fired at both Snelling and Sciscio to no effect. The MG nest in front of Compton traded shots with his squad.

Using maximum firepower, Compton took out the machinegun nest. Sciscio traded shots with both the VC in the jungle and the VC in the village accomplishing nothing. After swing around Snelling's squad obliterated the jungle VC with withering fire. It was at this point the VC withdrew.

The second game was played by Kriegbaum, and Oscar as U.S. Army heloed in to an area to search a village and hold a bridge. Carl's force rolled on the battlefield in APCs and some special forces. The VC were Snelling and Justin.

Although Sgt. Oscar's force was chewed up on landing, he held his own against three VC fire teams. Lt. Kriegbaum sick with beri-beri fever than landed in support. Soon after rolling on the battlefield came the APC's under Sgt. Sciscio demoted as a result of a recent event. Although fired at by RPGs the APC's rolled on. Accurate fire by Sgt. Oscar's squad soon had the VC running with the assistance of Lt. Kriegbaum.

It seemed everyone like the game and we are going to play it again maybe this Thursday (MAR5) as it seems to be Carl's favorite period after WWII.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Gaming Schedule at the Hangar

Here are some gaming dates coming up for March at the Hangar - (note, Saturdays not included, but always something going on)

Thursday March 5 - Russian Civil War (Chuck), still looking for another game
Thursday March 12 - Cold Wars (see you in Lancaster)
Thursday March 19 - Field of Glory (Scott - running Nikephorian Byzantine and Hamdanid Dynasty of Aleppo)
Thursday March 26 - Napoleonics (John Callahan - Rules to be announced)

See you at the tables!

Logsheets posted for Close Action games

Tracy Johnson posted the logsheets from the Close Action games he hosted at the Williamsburg Muster. Both of these games looked really good.

The logsheets can be viewed here: Log Sheets

More information about Close Action can be seen here, and here, and here.

Field of Glory - at the Hangar March 19

Scott has volunteered to run some ancients, using Field of Glory on March 19th at the Hangar. I can't wait...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some More Williamsburg Muster Photos

See these websites -

Battle Hymn - Feb 28, in Richmond

Here is a link to all the details, on the Battle Hymn myspace page.

The event is Feb 28, with gaming running from 9:30 until 4:00. There will be a gaming raffle at 4:30.

Here is the gaming schedule (10 tables).

Vietnam 1966 game AAR - from Joe

This is an AAR from Joe -
Started a infantry platoon using my infantry rules. Had my third game and thought I would share the AAR with the group.

It was damn hot! The thermometer was at 102 F. Lt Jaroze's platoon had been inserted into the valley this morning after Charlie had attacked a special forces camp last night. They were to sweep a hamlet on the way to the river in the valley. They had found little in the hamlet except some mongrel dogs. Now onto the river; down a cart path. There were rice patties on the left just hidden by a hedge that ran along the road, a barn on the right and elephant grass all around.

Lt Jaroze was one of those leaders who instinctively knew what to do. (gr IV dynamic leader). He reflected on his men. SSgt Davis was a solid influence (gr III) and Jaroze wish he had 3 clones. 2nd squad had Sgt Tillman (gr I ). Tillman was terrible and his squad knew it. 2 missions ago Tillman had lost 3 KIA and worse had 2 POW when Charlie uncharacteristically closed and physically drove the squad out of a hamlet while Jaroze was on the other side of several buildings. Lt Jaroze had requested Sgt Tillman be relieved but the Captain would have no of it. " All he needs is some mentoring, besides there is no one else available." is what he was told. Sgt Colton (gr I) had the third squad and while he was weak, he was better than Tillman.

Lt Jaroze vacillated between giving Tillman the toughest jobs hoping he would be wounded and giving him the easiest so his men wouldn't be captured. He kept Tillman back during the sweep. He now put Tillman's squad on point along the cart path to the river. It should be easy since the obvious place for Charlie to strike would have been from the hamlet. Ssgt Davis was with first squad and a pig (M60 LMG) 40 yards behind. Jaroze followed with 3rd squad and a second pig to keep tabs on Sgt Colton.Up ahead automatic weapons fire shook Jaroze out of his ponderings. Sgt Tillman reported over the net that they had walked into an ambush to the front (bunker in the elephant grass) and from behind the hedge to the left. He had 3 down and was retreating to the barn on the right. Jaroze cursed his decision to let Tillman lead. He immediately ordered Davis to take his squad left and fire down the hedge line. He moved up to get a better look at the situation. Automatic fire (MMG) was sweeping the path and now turned to the barn where Tillman's squad lay shaken. He radioed Tillman to lay suppressive fire on the MG so Davis could move up. He had just ordered Sgt Colton's squad to sweep left around a hill to take the MG from the rear when Sgt Tillman and 5 grunts came streaming out of the barn towards the hamlet. Jaroze was so furious he forgot the fire sweeping the road and stopped his 6 charges 20 yards from the barn.

He rallied them and sent them back. picture 1 SSgt Davis had by now cleared the hedge of VC as evidenced by 3 motionless bodies clad in black. Where the h--- was Colton? Sgt Colton was cautiously working his way around the hill; too cautiously
for Jaroze's liking. The MG was tearing into the barn where Sgt Tillman's men were at least now firing at the MMG. Jaroze caught up with Colton and started them moving in a hurry. They ran into a squad of VC in the paddies and Pvt Hocking went down with a bad stomach wound. Jaroze working in tandem with SSgt Davis drove the
VC out of the paddies and into the elephant grass. Lt Jaroze drove his men to cross the road but the VC machine gunners were faster.

SSgt Davis's squad did manage to catch 4 VC crossing the path into the elephant grass and they paid the ultimate price for their communist ideology. By the time 3rd squad found the back of the VC bunker the gun and men had fled.

2 american KIA and 2 WIA while the VC lost 6 KIA including 1 leader and several blood trails led through the grass.

After the game Lt Jaroze had a 50% chance of relieving Tillman and missed his roll. Will Tillman get killed? fragged? better? Who knows, but that is half the fun I get from playing.

Thursday, Feb 19, AAR from the Hangar

Wow! What a great turnout. There were something like 20 gamers at peak time at the Hangar for our weekly ODMS meeting.

Spotted were a number of games - Classic BattleTech, Flames of War (a couple of games), Fast Warrior, and the ever-lovin Settlers of Catan.

New projects mentioned - (1) rumor of more rule sets to be published by ODMS guys... I guess there is publication envy for Justin's "Go for Broke", (2) Russian Civil War next two weeks (chuck getting ready for his Cold Wars game), (3) Frontline General tactical situation next week (miniatures based), (4) Vietnam as delivered by Carl - he has dug out dozens of troops and helicopters, and has started making some rice paddies, (5) Napoleonics - 15mm John Callahan, (6) Ancients - Danny's rules as well as Warhammer Ancients, DBA (this saturday) and more Fast Warrior, (7) ACW - Paul, I believe.

Lets keep the momentum going - volunteer to run or play games, and get the word out.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Fever - Raleigh - April 3,4,5 2009

Our North Carolina brother gamers (Triangle Simulation Society) are hosting Spring Fever, April 3,4,5.

I hope that we have a great ODMS showing - at least a couple of ODMS related Dealers will be present (Miniatures of Chesepeake, Cotton Jim, Quartermaster).

DBA - Saturday, Feb 21 - at the Hangar

David D will be hosting DBA at the Hangar on Saturday, beginning at 1pm. DBA is cool. You should play.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cold Wars coming - March 12-15 in Lancaster Pennsylvania

ODMS will be at Cold Wars. The theme this year is "Long Live the Revolution" - wars of Revolution. The only official ODMS event is "Last Charge of Colonel Bulgarov" - an RCW game being hosted Friday at Noon. Here is the excerpt from the online PEL -

F-106 - Last Charge of Colonel Bulgarov - Theme Game
Fri. 12:00 PM, 3 hrs, 6 players
GM: Charles Turnitsa
Sponsor: Old Dominion Military Society
Inter-War 15mm, Rules: Forward Comrades!

The old man and his beloved Cossacks have come to join the White's cause and are seeking to throw the Reds out of the railroad village of Ritvosk. The freshly appointed Cheka director in the Ritvosk Administrative Sector is looking to make a name for himself in the new Government, so he has decided to rouse the Red Guard in defense of the People's Railroad Station, and to destroy that old regime drunkard, Colonel Bulgarov. A fun RCW game, featuring armored cars, tanks, cossacks, and lots of Reds eager to die for the cause.
Beginner Friendly, Rules Taught.

In addition, there will be a number of ODMS gamers taking part in several of the tournaments and other events.

There are at least two ODMS related Dealers that will be at the show - Miniatures of Chesapeake and Cotton Jim Flags.

Of other related local gaming clubs (especially our Sister organization in Williamsburg - the Battle Barn Gamers) we hope to see some attendees as well. Hopefully the weather will be great!

Upcoming Games - February 26

Byron -
WWII Miniatures Skirmish using Collins Epic Wargame rules (from Frontline General)

Chuck -
15mm Russian Civil War scenario playtest using modified Forward Comrades rules from Jackson Gamers.

Looking for more games!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good comments on the Muster on TMP

The Miniatures Page (TMP) has a thread with good feedback and comments on the Williamsburg Muster.

Charles Cabell - a good friend of Kai's from Fort Mill (one town over from where I lived in South Carolina) got some great photos of the show. Wow.

Great comments from the guys in TSS on their mailing list, and also from the SMP guys.

I think we had a winner - and there is already anticipation for next year!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Early Morning Vittoria Battle at the Muster

Patrick Berkebile - with the Southern Maryland Partizans wargaming club - hosted the battle of Vittoria early on Saturday morning. It was a very well attended, attractive game. One of many at the Muster in 09.

Williamsburg Muster - a Great Success!

The convention, now over, was a great success for its first year.

There were, in attendance, over 210 at the Muster. This includes 29 vendors, 44 game masters, and the rest gamers!

Reports of games, tournaments, prizes, the raffle, and stories of horror and delight are surely to follow.

The follow on event - Williamsburg Muster 2010 is already being planned for February 5,6,7 of 2010! Make sure to clear your calendar!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Williamsburg Muster - one day until set up

We will be doing regular posts of what's happening with the Muster, as they unfold. Watch this space!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flames of War at Fort Lee

There is an article in the Fort Lee Traveler about the recent Flames of War tournament held there.

Several ODMS guys attended, and I think (from reports) that it was a great time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

MarsCon 2009 - has come and gone

A great time was had by all. There were ODMS members spotted all over this great local Sci-Fi convention, held in Williamsburg Virginia.

There is gaming abundant, as well as great music acts, a wonderful convention suite, and all the normal Sci-Fi convention goodies (costumes, LARPing, art show, authors, artists, dealers room.

Chuck (of Gaming with Chuck) was on staff to help with Gaming and also to man the Con-Suite during the midnight shift, Friday and Saturday night. Justin was there throughout, gaming and schmoozing. Brian was there with friends gaming and having a great time. Jack Hollingsworth was there. Carl, Oscar and Krigbaum came after their "Flames of War" event at Fort Lee on Saturday. On Sunday, Bill Warner put on a great Peruvian/Chilean 19th century naval fight using some lovely 1:1200 miniatures.

This was a great pre-cursor to Williamsburg Muster.

Note: The lovely and deadly Poison Ivy was the contest costume winner from the 2008 Marscon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

MarsCon - Jan 16,17,18

This is a convention update from the Director of the 2009 MarsCon - Butch Allen.

MarsCon is only a week away and guess what? Like every year, they are calling for Snow Flurries for next Friday. It wouldn't be a MarsCon without snow.

Tons of things are going on. First of all the Hotel is Sold Out. They are sending people to our Overflow hotel. If you want to try some alternate hotels, there are plenty in the area. There is even one next door. But if you can, stay at the Overflow Hotel. It will help out the con as we get a small kickback.

Of course with a full hotel that creates a problem. It's called PARKING! We have talked to the EconoLodge next door and we can park in the front of their parking lot. There will be some 18 wheelers coming in to work on their hotel so don't block their entrance. But at least 40 to 50 cars can park there. We can also park on the side street next to the hotel and in the business's parking lots as long as you don't park at their front door. Finally, the hotel has also cleared out their parking lot so there is more parking there.

Speaking of the hotel. You will see lots of improvements, we will have most of the same staff as last year and they are looking forward to us returning. If you are in costume, be prepared to get your picture taken.

Now to the con. If you haven't already heard, Katherine Kurtz, Scott MacMillian and Steve Long had to cancel. But all three have expressed interest in returning next year.

Even with that, we still have a lot going on. Music wise there are The Cassettes, Coyote Run, Poisoned Dwarf and Rob Balder and others. Luna-C will be returning along with our Favorite Dancing Ladies (The Hotel owner requests them every year). On Saturday the bar will be open at 2pm for an open mic. Sing a song, read a poem or part of your story. Dance if you want. Sit down, have a drink and listen. It is all up to you. Hosted by Michael K.

We have lots of panels and entertainment for both the adults and the children. We will have our adult panels late at night and the doors will be closed when the program begins and monitored for minors. So you parents can rest assure that we are keeping the little ones in mind.

Which is why we have a complete Schedule of Family Programming. On Saturday, we will be hosting a "Steampunk Carnival". It will consist of a Juggler, a Face Painter and a Roving Mad Scientist. Of course there will be Stormtroopers, Klingons and your occasional SteamPunkers. There will be a goggle making workshop where the kids will walk away with a pair of goggles to wear. Later there will be an adult (Only adult because the Kids would get bored) program where a discussion of how to make different types of goggles.

The gaming room is packed with our usual assortment of games. The dealers room and the art show will have plenty for you to drool over. Of course, we can't forget the Puppies and the Kittens, as our annual Charity Auction for the Heritage Humane Society will provide you with plenty of bargins. We have our anime room and some late night movies when you have some downtime.

We have two seperate Costume Contests. One on Friday for the best Theme Costume from our Friday Night Theme Party and then on Saturday for our best Hall Costume. And you don't win just a piece of paper, win some serious MarsCon Bucks.

Finally, We have our Friday Night Theme Party. The Theme for this years con is SteamPunk. So on Friday Night you are invited to a "Victorian Tea Party" at the home our extinguish World Traveler and Scientist, Lord Rameriz. There will be plenty of food and assortments of tea. So dress up in your finest and join us.

Well I know I have forgotten something, but as you can see we have plenty scheduled. Have a great time at the con. If you can catch up with me - I will be constantly moving - take time to say hello.

Your Frazzled Chairman Butch

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barrage XIII

The HAWKS are putting on Barrage XIII on January 31st. Details below:

Early PEL is posted at

Historical Miniatures' Gaming Convention
Saturday January 31th, 2009

To be held Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore.

Sponsored by the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers

A one day historical miniatures mini-convention in Baltimore Maryland, for all periods and scales.

The convention will run from 9:00 'AM till 10:00 PM. Arrive early to enjoy the full day. Setup for 9:00 AM games and for flea market tables will begin at 8:30.

Admsision $8 USD at the door.
FREE admission for Children under 13 (with adult)

Vendor / flea market tables are available.
($6.00 for 1/2 day, $10.00 USD USD USD USD all day plus admission)

Geoff Graff 410-557-2456
Duncan Adams 410-647-5734

Coming from North of Baltimore take I-95 South. About 3 miles below I-695 (the Beltway) at the I-95/I-895 split, get in the left lanes and take I-895. About 1/2 mile beyond the split take the Moravia Road exit. Turn right onto Moravia Road and go about 0.7 mile to Sinclair Lane. Turn left on Sinclair Lane and go about 1 mile to the school on the left.

OR take exit 32 South (Belair Road) off I-695, (the Beltway). This is the exit just West of the I-95/I-695 intersection. Go about 3.5 miles to Moravia Road. Turn left on Moravia, and about 1 mile later right on Sinclair lane. Again, about 1 mile to the school on the left.

From South of Baltimore, take I-95 through the Fort McHenry tunnel. About 3 miles later take the Moravia Road exit. bout 2 miles later turn left onto Sinclair Lane, and again about 1 mile to the school, on the left.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Williamsburg Muster Update Pel posted

See the updated PEL (over 45 games, 4 tournaments, and open gaming tables) at

Siege of Augusta

Siege of Augusta XVIII January 23-25, 2009
by HMGS Mid-South
Doubletree Hotel, 2651 Perimeter Pkwy , Augusta , GA
Info at: