Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Double Blind Wargaming?

This is a fun, and somewhat different than usual, wargaming experience.  I have seen (and participated) in games that used this concept in several ways.  These include:

Double Blind Setup - a sheet or screen is set up on the tabletop - both sides then set up their units, up to the screen, anywhere on the table.  Can lead to exciting and hilarious results, usually results in a great game.

Double Blind Throughout - both sides have some information hidden from each other.  This could be from using generic markers for units; from not having units on the board (using hidden map movement); or from using dummy markers/units to do feints.  This can be generally very exciting, although it is handled best with a referee.

Double Blind for some players - This one was done best, years ago at the old Hampton "Campaign Headquarters" store (a great wargaming shop, if there ever was one), during an extravaganza Kursk game.  The game was talked about for weeks and involved most of the regulars at the shop.  The tactical moves and combat were done on an extremely large wargaming table (I think it consisted of a 6x12 and two 5x9s) by tactical commanders on both the German and Russian sides.  However they had to act under orders from their respective commanders - who were sitting in another room with just paper maps, pizza, and beer.  Every other turn the German C-in-C could get updates from his tactical commanders (and then mark up his map, and issue orders, dedicate artillery, etc).  The Russian C-in-C was limited to every third turn.  It was great.  A lot of vodka was consumed that night by the Russian side (I was a Russian infantry commander).

What are your experiences, and what would you like to see ODMS try out in this area?  Please comment...

Barrage XV

Notice posted by Duncan Adams about the upcoming HAWKS convention -

Historical Miniatures Gaming Convention Saturday January 22th, 2011

To be held Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore.

Sponsored by the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers

A one day historical miniatures mini-convention in Baltimore Maryland, for all periods and scales.

The convention will run from 9:00 AM till 10:00 PM. Arrive early to enjoy the full day. Setup for 9:00 AM games and for flea market tables will begin at 8:30.

Admission $8 at the door. FREE admission for Children under 13 (with adult)

Vendor / flea market tables are available. ($6.00 for 1/2 day, $10.00 all day plus admission)

Contact: Geoff Graff 410-557-2456 ggraff7@verizon.net
Duncan Adams 410-647-5734 dnbadams@aol.com

For Info: http://www.bucksurdu.com/Barrage/barrage2010.html
Draft PEL is in work now.

Coming from North of Baltimore take I-95 South. About 3 miles below I-695 (the Beltway) at the I-95/I-895 split, get in the RIGHT lanes and take I-895. About 1/2 mile beyond the split take the Moravia Road exit. Turn right onto Moravia Road and go about 0.7 mile to Sinclair Lane. Turn left on Sinclair Lane and go about 1 mile to the school on the left. OR take exit 32 South (Belair Road) off I-695, (the Beltway). This is the exit just West of the I-95/I-695 intersection. Go about 3.5 miles to Moravia Road. Turn left on Moravia, and about 1 mile later right on Sinclair lane. Again, about 1 mile to the school on the left.

From South of Baltimore, take I-95 through the Fort McHenry tunnel. About 3 miles later take the Moravia Road exit. bout 2 miles later turn left onto Sinclair Lane, and again about 1 mile to the school, on the left.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ammunition Rules for Wings of War

The following great article is from John Snelling . . .

Tried ammo restrictions with WoW Thursday and really enjoyed it. It also evens out 2 seaters vs the single seat fighters. Here is the rules.
Try them I think you will like them.

These rules are now standard in my games. You will need a six-sided die and pencil and a pad of paper to record the following; one person on each team can record the ammo counts of a dozen aircraft with ease.

Firing Guns
Regarding guns and bullets, historically the Lewis gun had a 97-round magazine (we'll say 100) while the Spandau had 500 and the others (ie Vickers, Schwarzlose 400). Parabellum treated same as Lewis. Rates of Fire for each gun were close so this factor becomes negligable. Thus the ammo counts for each gun are:
- Spandau 25
- Vickers 20
- Schwartlose 15
- Lewis 5
A long range shot use 2 ammo counts, short range uses 1 ammo counts. Thus the Lewis can only fire three times (2.5 rounded up) at long range, or 5 times at short range, or a combination. Once ammo is depleted it is gone, but Lewis and Parabellum guns can reload. Each pilot has an initial load plus 2 reloads (15 counts); rear gunner has initial plus 4 reloads.

Reloading and Unjamming
Green jam card jams one gun (ie half of a twin-barrelled Spandau); red card jams all firing guns. A partially jammed Spandau (or Vickers or SE5a mixed weaponry) can still fire, but as "B" damage instead of "A" damage. Gun jam counter for a pilot is only removed if:
- plane is not on fire
- plane flies straight maneouver that is not part of immelman or overdive
- pilot not involved in shooting or reloading
Reloading follows similar procedure with respect to plane on fire and plane flying a true straight maneouver. Only one barrel/gun can be unjammed at a time. If the SE5a Vickers/Lewis gun suffers a partial jam, roll the 1D6 die: 1-3 = Lewis; 4-6 = Vickers.

Sounds complicated, but it's not.

On top of this, I add historical airframe realism:
- Nieuport 11 and Fokker A.III receive four gun jam counters instead of three (no Foster or other mount to help pilot access gun)
- Schwarzlose equipped Albatross D.III and Aviatik D.1 receive one permanently jammed barrel if a red gun jam card is drawn, non-Schwarzlose planes are not affected (I have another chart showing aircraft availability and selection)
- Pflaz D.III cannot unjam (it couldn't due to pilot inaccessibility; but problem was rectified with D.IIIa variant)
- Albatross D.V and D.Va only get 2 jam counters - these aircraft had a forced trim on the control stick which centered it, arguably making it easier for a pilot to focus attention on other matters (such as unjamming)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Williamsburg Muster 2011 - Feb 4-6

Coming Up in February will be our club's third Winter convention!

If you haven't already done so - stop by the website and register to run a game!

The crowd at our shows come to play games. The more the better, and there is no better way to try out a new idea, ruleset or army. And you'll make some more friends in the Wargaming world.

So, support ODMS by supporting the convention - and the best way to do that is to run and play games. See you in February!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Siege of Augusta

Siege of Augusta in Full Gear! Jan 21-23 2011

See our website here...
Plan now to attend SOA XX in Augusta GA.

While many great things have been said about the Siege of Augusta, Phil Viverito, of Classical Hack fame and frequent attendee (who is often the person who drives the farthest to attend the Siege), has summed it up best as to what makes a convention great and why The Siege of Augusta falls into that category:

"There are many conventions all over the United States and Canada, we know we go to many of them and they are all nothing short of good. A good convention is a first and foremost a gathering place. Second it is a place to mingle with old friends and new. Then too it is an agora where you can make those important purchases and find out what is new and exciting. One thing for sure it is not size-quality always beats quantity. Other important things that make a good con include nice accommodations, easy access to and from the event and local places of interest and need. Most importantly it is where attendees simply do their thing: in this case GAME! So a good con offers a fine time, an equally fine place to gather and finally dissolving into good memories.

What Makes a GREAT Convention?

While we have found the 9 conventions we attend to always fulfill our expectations of a good and fine time, there is often the convention event that goes beyond being either of these two things. A GREAT convention is somehow different. It in some way leaves cleaner and sharper images of the convention experience. Perhaps there is no way to express it in words but the memories remain more intense. For us The Siege of Augusta is one of those GREAT conventions. Why? Perhaps it is the weather or the lovely town with its sights and sounds. It is certainly the people that attend. Heck that is a given; besides we would not even come if it was not for the people we see. Whatever the criteria may or may not be for some unexplainable reason, The Siege of Augusta fulfills our ideas and ideals of what a Great Convention is." Phil Viverito, December 1999. (emphasis added).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn Wargaming with ODMS

Upcoming Events -

Now that Guns of August is over, and before we get started in earnest on Williamsburg Muster, the ODMS guys can take a breather and enjoy some good old fashioned, down home, family values wargaming. You know - lots of dice and doom and despair.

The following schedule is a work in progress, but it lets you know what is going on...

  • Sept 2 -
  • Sept 9 - Hellenes (Chuck & Wayne),

    Warrior (Dave, Cliff, Kai, others welcome) Macedonians v. Athenians (first round in the Phillip Fest)
  • Sept 16 - C&C:Ancients (Wayne & Chuck - others welcome!)
  • Sept 23 - Blitzkrieg Commander - WWII (Wayne & Paul),

    Day before Southern Front (Sept 24-26), in Raleigh
  • Sept 30 - Caucasus Campaign (Wayne & Paul)
  • Oct 7
  • Oct 14
  • Oct 21 - BattleLore Epic Agincourt! (Chuck & ??)
  • Oct 28

    Day before Fall In (Oct 29-31), in Lancaster

Please, if you want to run a game, let us know so that you will be sure to have plenty of gamers (and the right gamers, who like your stuff) show up. We have room for some Napoleonics (hint hint) as well as more stuff on WWII and Moderns.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guns of August After Action Review

The convention was a great success, from the perspective of the staff.  I can only hope the gamers felt the same way!  (comment about your experience, please!)

On Thursday we got to the hotel (a day before the official start) to meet with the hotel staff and make sure everything was ship-shape.  The tables we rent were late getting there, so some of the ODMS guys helped to set them up right, so that everyones games would go off with a minimum of disturbance over the weekend.

After all the setup (and getting the hundreds of sodas and snacks loaded into our Hospitality Room), there was a round of boardgaming in the gaming area (the tables have to be broken in, you know).  The Vendors continued arriving all evening, from all over the eastern half of the US, and set up their fantastic wares.

The Thursday night boardgaming was terriffic.  I played a really neat game of Reef Encounter (polyps anyone?), and then proceeded to totally Borg out in repeated games of Commands & Colors: Ancients (for those who don't know, Richard Borg is the designer of C&C:A).

The Reef Encounter game was with Anita, Heidi and Jeremy, and was a lot of fun.  Jeremy was king Shrimple, getting his prolific shrimp all over the ocean floor, and it turned out that his Parrot Fish ate the most coral.

The C&C:A games were mostly against Wayne, but I also played against John Snelling as well.  the battle was the same for each game - the Battle of Leuctra.  Every time I played the Theben army, and every time I got the Sacred Band killed off by the Spartans.  The first game was the most humiliating, as Wayne's Spartans totally evicerated me in about four turns.  I actually won a game or two, but still lost the Sacred Band each and every time.  I guess they weren't that Sacred after all.

Friday came, and there were plenty and plenty of miniatures games, as well as a whole lot of board games.  I had to leave the convention in the afternoon for a few short hours, but in the evening when I returned, I got to run my "Neil Thomas" rules Napoleonics game.  It was an ahistorical scenario - set in 1813 Saxony, with a British force facing off a French force twice its size, trying to buy time for the Prussian command in the area to arrive and help against the French.  The British were played by Paul Knight, the Prussians were played by Scott Kidd, and the French were played by two players new to the rules, whom I did not know, but whom were real gentlemen to play with.  The game went well, with Paul playing the role of a British commander very well (form a defended and anchored line of Infantry and hold it against repeated French assaults).  The Prussians finally arrived, and the French decided that they had enough.  My apologies to my players for not providing some really good player aids (the game needed quick-reference sheets).

Saturday came, and during the day all I did was to help out with the convention (spending many hours in the morning working Registration and meeting many of the great gamers who came to play at our show).  In the afternoon, I got to spend a few short hours enjoying the hotel swimming pool (highly recommended) with my Daughter and some friends, and spending time talking to new gaming friends as well.  Very nice.

Saturday afternoon, our Boardgaming room was a complete hit!  It was filled to overflowing with boardgamers playing old and new wargames, and the Euro-games library that we had in the Hospitality Suite was really put to good use, with a bunch of gamers checking things out (most popular - SmallWorld and Steam).  Tons of gaming in the Hospitality suite as well - Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, and so on.

On the Wargaming front, everything from the old SPI classic 1918 to the much newer Washington's War were being played.  There was also the double blind Axis and Allies game (each player only knew where his own pieces were, not even his allies).  Neato.

Napoleon came and visited the convention on Saturday afternoon, and stayed until about 5:00 or so, when he gave an address to the gamers and bid his Adieu.  Afterwards, the great Guns of August Raffle took place, and thirty great gaming prizes were raffled off.

Saturday evening brought a new round of gaming for all involved, and I got to run my game of The Sword and the Flame.  It was a total fun-fest, with the Anglo-Indian army attempting to rescue a small command of Miners waiting for transport down a river, and suddenly attacked by hostile hill tribesmen.  This time, the British and the Indian troops were able to rescue the miners.  A few casualties, but it was a successful operation. 

Late night Saturday there was more gaming.  Card gaming, to be sure.  Plagues and Pestilence, which I (miraculously) won.  I almost never win those kinds of games, because there is almost always a "pile on chuck" phase, but this time I drank some excellent imported beer, and played it cool, while my fellow Medieval City Builders were busily destroying each other with mongols, vikings and bubonic bonbons.

Sunday came, with more gaming and final shopping in the great Guns of August Hobby Bazaar, and afterward the vendors started breaking up and heading home, and the final games were played, and we all sang hey nonny nonny and bid each faretheewell until the Williamsburg Muster.

It was a great time, and I hope you can make it to our next show!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Napoleon to appear at Guns of August

It is true!  Mark Schneider, in the role of the Emperor Napoleon, will be appearing at Guns of August!

See the press release at The Miniatures Page.

For more information on the convention see the Guns of August website!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upcoming Events

Hello Folks - we have a couple of Momentous upcoming events.

First, there is Historicon - July 8-11 in Valley Forge, PA

Second there is CarlCon (this year's theme - "Carl isn't going to be there") - at the hanger July 8-11 (for those not able to make it to Valley Forge)

Third, there is Guns of August - ODMS's first Summertime convention!  Go, play games, no snow.  August 13-15, Williamsburg VA.

Fourth, there is Southern Front - TSS's headliner convention, the oldest miniatures wargaming convention in America, going back to the Baroque Era.  Held September 24-26, in Raleigh NC.

Fifth there is Fall In - HMGS's fall convention, moved this year from Gettysburg to Lancaster.  Held October 28-31

As you can see - there are plenty of dates in between for games.  Send me your list(s) of games and I'll get them posted.  Also, we are looking for victims, er, hosts for games during CarlCon!!  Likewise we are looking for more games for Guns of August!!

Chuck (friendly local GM)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Battle of McDowell - June 17 at the Hangar

June 17 - Battle of McDowell (May 8, 1862)

4 player playtest of my ACW battle for Guns Of August using the Niel Thomas ACW rules (with some modifications). The play area is 4ft square with a lot of elevation changes (see this map):

My elevations and rivers will be all done, but I'd like to get some help from the club to use the available ODMS stock of buildings, bridges, trees, crops, etc to make for some nice eye candy.

In particular, I need to get the town of McDowell to look pretty good for the second scenario, where Jackson attacks the Federals in the town.

Upcoming Games for ODMS at the Hangar!

Hey Lads - some wargaming is about to commence!!

Okay, here at the upcoming dates -

June 12 - Battle of Oder (15mm Napoleonics, Shako2, Steven Maccabe) - 6pm

June 17 - Battle of McDowell (15mm ACW, Neil Thomas Rules, Cliff Creech) - 6pm

June 19 - Crossing the Hoffhandel (15mm Napoleonics, Shako2, Chuck Turnitsa) - 10am

July 8 - Entering Beulah Land (28mm ACW, Black Powder, Chuck Turnitsa) - 6pm

Upcoming Conventions -

July 8-11 - Carl Con - Our "Consolation" convention - held at the Hangar (for those that can't make it to Valley Forge this year).

July 8-11 - Historicon - in Valley Forge, PA.

August 13-15 - Guns of August - Williamsburg, VA.

September 24-26 - Southern Front, Raleigh, NC.

October 29-31 - Fall In, Lancaster, PA.

We need more events (both at the Hangar, and for Guns of August) - send em in!!

-blog management

Friday, May 28, 2010

AAR - May 27

A great time playing Shako, hosted by Wayne. See the posting over at Gaming with Chuck.

Also, Cliff had an older (but still looked quite nice) campaign system for ACW gaming, and he was working with Justin on how to modify it to work with the Neil Thomas rules.

Lots of murmurings about the upcoming Guns of August, and also what the club wants to do about attending Southern Front, en masse. We are thinking of running a bunch of games.

While we (those of us playing miniatures) played on in our Shako Game, quite a few of the other guys there played a few rounds of Plague and Pestilence. Always a winner at ODMS.

In all - a great time, although I brought Steam with me, and we never did get to play.

There were, as a consolation prize, some really good meatball sandwiches for everyone.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wargamer Identification Guide

Okay, everyone in the hobby basically knows that there is a difference between British Wargamers and US Wargamers. Here is the proof . . .

First, we see Edward Woodward (d. in 2009, RIP), a British actor who was also a wargamer. Clean cut, and dapper. Obviously a lover of toy soldiers.

Now we have Carl Sciscio. Sitting at an empty game table, with a gun and a bottle of hooch. Enough said.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

June 12 Shako Game - Mac

Steven MacCabe will be hosting what sounds like a very cool Shako game, on Saturday June 12, at 6PM. Here is his announcement form the mailing list . . .

The Russians have won the costly 1812 Campaign in Russia. January and February has seen the Russians advance into Poland, crossing the Vistula and Niemen River. The Prussians have risen in revolt and are mobilizing their forces. On Februrary 26, the Prussians and Russians sign a peace treaty.

The Russians have suffered greatly, but they are now on the advance and have the advantage of shorter supply lines than the French. The French now occupy a hostile country. To the south, is the Army of Austria, the only army still intact after the Russian Campaign. They are waiting for the moment to switch sides and go against their ancient enemy and revenge for all the many defeats.

The French are led by the very capable Eugene Geauharnais, who has been left in charge in Germany to reorganize and refit the shattered remanants. Even if a former shell of what advanced into Russia, he has done a brilliant job of fufilling his mission. Napoleon sends the order to make a stand at the Oder River and stop the Russian advance. In defiance of the Emperor, on March 1st, Eugene decides to abandon the Oder River and move his forces back to Berlin rather than confront the Russians.

On March 2nd, Eugene realizes the significance of the Oder River. If he can stop or delay the Russians, it will buy more time for Napoleon to mobilize his forces in France. If he can have a decisive victory, it may alter the course of 1813 completely, with Napoleon being able to trounce the Prussians and the Austrians may decide not to go against the French. And of course, there will be forever the name of Eugene Geauharnais in the anals of history.

June 12th at 6PM, we will be running "the Battle of the Oder". A movement to contact as both sides move to control the strategic locations, of the Bridge, the town, and the summit. Will you be the Russian commander that will push aside the French forces and speed up the liberation of Germany or will you be the French commander, proving your worth as the more capable commander, yet not really accomplishing anything of true strategic importance? Or will you be the French commander that brings about the decisive victory that France so desperatly needs?

Who will you be?

Hope to see you on the 12th. This will be a $5 event at the Hanger...

Further, he posted some info about the OB and the scenario. Here it is:

OOB will be out of the Shako Book for 1813 with one bonus selection. Very large fight. Multiple divisions coming in at different times based on Order of March.

I have built a "reserve chart" to determine what turn units are coming in.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speed Circuit - May 20

Special Notice from Racemaster Wayne about the Speed Circuit games on May 20 (at the Hangar)

Up to 8 Drivers; 1 warm-up race (1 lap, to learn/refresh memories);

3 races (2 laps each):
1. The Grand Prix of Ipsus,
2. The Grand Prix of L├╝tzen,
3. The Grand Prix of Uranus (don't get excited Paul, it's named after Zhukov's Operation Uranus!).

Points for finishing each race, as per the current F1 Points System:

1st: 25 points
2nd: 18 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 12 points
5th: 10 points
6th: 8 points
7th: 6 points
8th: 4 points

The driver with the most points after all 3 races wins the season;
Prize? Maybe : )

Slideshow of our intro to the game a few weeks ago

Cars roll off at 6:39 (Special Time for the staff of Gaming with Chuck, think 6:03!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

More Info about D-Day Game (June 5, 2010)

Hi this is Joseph Berry, Gamemaster for this years D-DAY game.

This game will be held on June 5th the first Saturday in June, at the Hangar (see the ODMS club page for directions). This is are 3rd Annual D-day Game and the Germans have won two years in a row.

It is time for the Allied forces to actually win, hopefully. I have already quite a few people signed up.

There are only 3 German spots left open and 1 British spot, then we are full.

The people I have signed up are.
  • Utah Beach (Americans- John Callahan Jr. and his assistant)
  • Ste. Marie-du-mont (Americans- Joseph Berry) (Germans- Jimi)
  • Ste Mere Eglise (Americans- John Callahan Sr. and Tom) (Germans- John Pate)
  • Pointe Du Hoc (Americans- David Dietrich)
  • Pegasus Bridge (Germans- Dean)
I need a German player to defend Utah beach;
I need a German player to defend Pointe Du Hoc;
I need a German player in Ste Mere Eglise;
and I need a British player to assault Pegasus Bridge.

Contact me if you wish to play, there are not a lot of spots open.

The Books that will be used in this D-Day game are D-Minus 1, Bloody Omaha, D-Day and Festung Europa

In this D-Day game there are no tank companies at all. All infantry companies with tank support that’s it.

I will be sending out further details at a later date.

Thanks Joseph strike23462@cox.net

Saturday, May 8, 2010

AAR - Thursday May 6

This was a great night at the Hangar for ODMS.

Two main games were played, at least while this reporter was still there.

First was the Spanish American War miniatures game. Six players and a referee, having fun with 15mm Spanish-American figures (the old Richard Houston collection, re-released late last year by The Virtual Armchair General). Earlier posts on that game are located here, here and here. Pictures from the game are here. On the Spanish side, the players were Justin Grabowski (C-in-C), David Dietrich, and John Dent. On the US side, the players were Carl Sciscio, Kai Weaver (C-in-C), and Eric Terry. The Spanish were defending a walled town at the top of a hill. The rules were tried out for the first time, and could use a little polish.

The second game played was Horus Heresy, by Ken Whitehurst and Scott Kidd.

More on these later, as well as photos.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spanish American War 15mm - Thursday, May 6

  • Scenario: La Colina Verde (fictional)
  • Rules: "A Splendid Little War" - homebrew by Chuck Turnitsa
  • Scale: 15mm
  • Period: Spanish American War

On the Spain-held island of San Balkano, in the Caribbean, the ring of hills around the Spanish capitol city of Puerto Gris is held by an assortment of Spanish troops from the Spanish Army, the Spanish Foreign Legion, and even Spanish Sailors from the port. The American division under General Rider has decided to break through on a gentle slope known as Green Hill (Colina Verde) against a couple of Spanish held towns. Will the advantage of smokeless powder help the Spanish? Will the elite US Colored troops break through the Spanish defenses? Can the dynamite gun provide all the excitement of a loose meat-log in a convention hotel room?

Here is a map (with the rough location of the Spanish brigades shown in Red, and the US brigades shown in Blue).

The rules are a modification of Chuck's Russo-Japanese war rules. The major difference (other than for some weapons and tactics of the SAW that differ from the RJW) will be in unit activation. A card for a brigade, draw cards. One brigade from each side gets a bonus move each turn. Should make the game fluid.

Come on Thursday, May 6, and give the game a try.

Chuck (referee)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swap Meet - a great success!

Lots of guys showed up at the ODMS swap meet on May 1, at the Hangar. There were lots of things for sale, including toy soldiers, books, games and loads of accessories. No fresh vegetables were available, however, some members of the club brought close to a dozen boxes of donuts, and lots of goodies were cooked on the grill (burgers, hot dogs, etc).

A lot about the Guns of August was discussed, and lots of the guys attending mentioned that they would be either (1) running games, or (2) helping with the staffing of the convention. We need both, but more games are always welcomed!

Other than a lovely and relaxing day spent outside in the shade, talking wargaming and other fun stuff, the evening drew to a close around dinner time with a hand of Naval War. Byron won, probably because he is a world famous wargame designer, and because he brought some watermelon soaked in coconut rum.

A great day, and hopefully we'll have many more at Carl's Place.

-ODMS Social Correspondent

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Community Connection

Our club participated in the very nicely run Hunt for Hampton History - a celebration of the 400th anniversary of Hampton, and other settlement of our local area here in Virginia.

We set up some games - American War of Independence and American Civil War - and then played these out in public, as demonstrations. Whenever someone showed interest in the game and how it worked, we tried to get them to sit in and play one of the commands for a few turns. There were a good number of kids who played, and I think that we made a good impression on the community about wargaming.

It was a real fun time, and I would like to do more. If you think this is a good idea, leave some comments below.

May 8 - Battle Hymn (Richmond)

Here is an announcement from Scott Craig (coordinator)

It's time once again for Battle Hymn, a friendly local gaming convention taking place on Saturday May 8, 2010 here near Richmond, Virginia!

This year, the Richmond Leisure Society has combined forces with the Virginia Aviation Museum to put on quite a show. We're especially excited about this partnership. Only at the Virginia Aviation Museum can you get up close and personal with an actual Great War fighter, an SR-71 Blackbird, a Huey Slick, an F-14 Tomcat and William Randolph Hearst's personal air-limo!

The central hall of the museum has been given over to gaming, and several secondary areas have been made available for our use.

The Museum opens at 9:30 and closes at 5:00, so we have uninterrupted time in between.

Besides our miniatures and board gaming, attractions include a mini movie theater showing the Soviet classic "Liberation" and other films, a state of the art flight simulator, and all of the outstanding exhibits that are part of the museum! A guided tour of the exhibits will be given during the break in gaming as well.

Admission is $6 USD per adult, $5 USD per child under 18. Seniors and active military enjoy reduced rates.

Here is a list of the games being hosted this year.

  • Flames of War miniatures game Demo Table
  • Flames of War Mega Game
  • Colonial Adventures miniatures game
  • Warhammer Legends of the Old West
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles Demo
  • Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Battle
  • Zap! boardgame tournament
  • Lycanthropes in Lorraine Weird War II
  • Tin Cans and Greyhounds WWII naval game
  • Imperial boardgame
  • Steam Over Holland railroad game
  • Wings of War WWI boardgame
  • Racing boardgames
  • Canvas Eagles miniatures game
  • Junior Eagles WWI Aerial Combat miniatures game
  • Advanced Civilization boardgame
  • Confrontation v3.5 miniatures game
  • Black Powder American Revolution miniatures game
  • Miniatures Sculpting Demo by Jared Anderson
  • Magic: The Gathering tournament
  • Open miniatures gaming tables
  • Open board gaming tables

For information about the Virginia Aviation Museum, including driving directions:


For information about Battle Hymn, including updates:

Myspace: myspace.com/battlehymn


Facebook: link

Scott Craig
Battle Hymn Events Coordinator
The Richmond Leisure Society

Leave a comment if you are attending...

Monday, April 26, 2010

May 1 - Swap Meet and Game Day at the Hangar

Hello All - just a reminder about an upcoming Wargaming Event in Hampton Virginia.

There will be a swap meet, game day, and cookout at The Hangar (Carl Sciscio's place) in Hampton on May 1. There will be tables available for open gaming, there will be some games planned (WWII, Russian Civil War, Boardgames), and of course the swap meet. Bring what you like to sell or trade, and come ready to trade or buy! Also there will be a cookout - so be sure to bring something to share with everyone, and join in for the food.

ODMS Game Day/Swap Meet
The Hangar (directions at http://www.odms-club.com/)
May 1 - 10:00am EDT

Thanks to all of ODMS and Carl Sciscio

Monday, April 19, 2010

AAR - Shako II, April 17 - at the Hangar

Here are some observations on the game from Steve McCabe - a game run by Scott Kidd!

I wanted to say great game and thanks for putting it on Saturday night. Two weeks in a row of Shako... getting spoiled! The French under Crouch, John, and Carl pretty much crushed the Russian / Prussian alliance. Not that we didn't do our fair share of damage, but I think the final point spread was 2 points for the alliance and almost 5 for the French.

I figured I could go over some observations here for a pick-up game:

1) They are big!

2) Not a lot of Cavalry. 4 or 5 regiments out of 31-40 line units.

3) Objectives: I think the objectives need to be more spread out. A town with two VPs, created both a bottleneck and a very strong position with woodline to both sides of it. My suggestions are:
a)two VPs spread out seperated by at least 24" so that there are not the bottle necks.
b)Use no strategic VPs and instead base it on the destruction of the enemy army, the typical 1 point per division destroyed.

4) Movement to Contact. I think an interesting idea to play is that there is no "attacker and defender", instead there are two objectives more or less in the middle of the board. That way, there is no 20% additional, and both sides would have to think of a plan to not only take the objectives, but how to hold them.

5) Reserves: March to the sound of the guns. Instead of the 1 division in reserve like we did this time. The commander gets to decide maybe one or two divisions that will be the vanguard. Arrange the divisions in their "marching order" And roll to see which turn the actually come in on. The Prussian/Russian alliance had 5 infantry divisions and 1 cavalry division. These were no midget divisions, but big ones. Phasing might make the board a little more manageable, let combat take place, and also make the positions much more tenable. The Russian Reserve division came in at the end of turn 3. Never used. The French reserve division came in at the end of turn 4. It was finally used during turn 9+ and only as the capacity to add depth to the front line troops. Wonder if the French couldn't form a complete line. Think how worried they would be about getting those reserves in.

6: Bonus Selection. If we play with notes 4 & 5 above, we could in fact also make room for possibly one bonus selection, especially if you see Note 2, not a lot of cavalry!

Just some observations.

Anyway, great game Scott and thanks for being brave enough to run the first pick-up game. I like historical scenarios better throwing in the odd mix of pick-up games I think that is a great way to spice things up.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

La Colina Verde - Spanish American War (May 6)

On May 6, Chuck will be running a Spanish-American War game. Plenty of room for commanders, just drop him an email through the ODMS mailing list. The scenario will be called "La Colina Verde" and will take place in San Balkano (my fictional version of Cuba, for wargaming).

The Spanish hold the villa at the top of Colina Verde, and have heavy reinforcements moving through the area to the river docks, but they Americans have the hill surrounded. Can the Spanish sally down the hill and clear the way for their reinforcement column? Or will the US Forces prove too tough for the Spanish and their "Havana Rifle" allies? (pictured below - American forces attempting to force the Spanish Position)

A fascinating conflict, and (as far as I know) a new one for ODMS. These will be new rules ("A Splendid Little War"), but will be based on "Forward for the Czar" (my Russo-Japanese Rules).

Some good links on the Spanish-American War are

Upcoming Schedule for ODMS

April 22 - Across Eight Centuries - Medieval Rules from Wayne

April 24-25 - Tank Shock (Danville VA)

May 1 - Swap Meet, Cook Out, Game Day - At the Hangar!
Includes Go for Broke - 28mm WWII (Justin)

May 6 - La Colina Verde - 15mm Spanish-American War (Chuck)

May 8 - Battle of Hagelberg - 15mm Napoleonics (Scott)

May 20 - Speed Circuit - Wayne

May 27 - Speed Circuit - Wayne

June 5 - Flames of War - Joseph

June 19 - Crossing the Hoffhandel - 15mm Napoleonics (Chuck)

July 8 - Into Beulah Land - ACW 25mm (Chuck)

August 13-15 - Guns of August

Friday, April 16, 2010

May 8 - Shako II Battle at the Hangar

May 8th Shako game, Battle of Hagelberg

Hosted by Scott Kidd

Here are some cool weblinks to find out about the battle:

Great History here.
Great Gaming files here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10 - AAR - Shako Battle

The battle of Tudela (links here, here, here and here) was fought today at the Hangar, put on by Mancave Productions (John and Steve).

It was a great time. The Spanish finally managed to pull off a victory, but it was real close.

Here is an excellent AAR written by Steve (one of the Referee staff, and also a Spanish commander) . . .

I wanted to that all for joining in the battle this weekend. We had a tough fight with Carl, Eric, Cliff, and John as the French and Scott, Justin, Chuck, and myself as the Spanish.

I believe this was the largest or very close the largest engagement we have played (number of figures involved) to date. The objectives were of course the elimination of the enemy and the occupation of the the little farming community of Tudela.

The Spanish held some strong defensive positions with a stream, and then hill positions, but most of the center and left flank forces were made up of Second Rate with a small core of regular (with one elite). The right flank was made up mostly of unreliable with some regular to boost it. There was a reserve cavalry force made up of Second Rate (SR) and Unreliable Cavalry with one regiment of regular.

The French were assaulting with 3 divisions of regular infantry, and one division of the Elite Vistula Legion (Poles). In support were a cavalry division the was lead by a currasier. The French opted to do the flank march with the Vistula Legion, which took them out for almost half the game, but when they came on, they were like a steam roller.

I personally believe the decisive moment of the game came when the French cavalry, instead of assaulting the defending infantry across the stream, the launched an attack between the two hills of the center and right flank of the Spanish. A great tactical move, unfortunately, both line units passed their hasty square and halted and then eventually destroyed the cavalry division. It was the dice roll for the hasty square, for if the cavalry got through, the right flank and center would have been in a hard fight to survive.

The French forces under Carl on the French right flank battled at the Spanish left flank under Scott. Carl was like a hammer on an anvil, and even though the whole affair was bloody and costly for the French, the Spanish could not hold in the end and the Spanish left flank finally had enough and decided a Siesta was more enjoyable to fighting the French.

The smaller French division on the left flank under Cliff had the opposite effect, causing heavy casualties on my forces, but the larger Spanish division was able to outlast and eventually destroy the smaller force. Cliff's persistence though diverted the Spanish from the real threat though, which was the flanking force under John, the Elite Vistula. When they came on, the Spanish with one of their best, a line unit held the town, confident that the town would be safe. Instead, the town was not even road bump, as the Vistula Legion not only took the town, but then started playing havoc in the rear of the Spanish right flank and center.

The center for the Spanish seemed secure for a long time until the French reserve division came in under Eric. Eric's French initially played havoc on Justin's Second rate infantry at the creek, but then Justin reinforced the line, and with the help of the Spanish Cavalry Division eventually the French Center was destroyed. The Spanish Cavalry then tried to show initiative and turn to the left flank, but alas one victory (and the only victory for the Spanish cavalry to date) was more than enough. Elated with victory the cavalry stood fast and let the French occupy the Spanish left flank.

I thought this was a great fight. Very bloody and could have gone either way. I still believe the decisive moment was the hasty square, because if the Spanish failed there, the French would have in all honestly vaporized my division.

The final score was:

French (1 enemy division destroyed and occupation of Tudela): 2 Victory points

Spanish (3 enemy divisions destroyed): 3 Victory points.

Once again, thanks for everyone joining.

So when is the next fight? Scott, I will send you my school schedule. Hopefully you can schedule it on a weekend I am not at school as I would like to do another game of Shako. If not, I understand.

French/Polish side was commanded by John, Cliff, Eric and Carl.

Spanish side was commanded by Steve, Justin, Scott and Chuck.

The only thing that was missing, was the theme song of the Spanish side of the battle (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly). So here it is.

Friday, April 9, 2010

April 8 AAR - Speed Circuit

Wayne hosted a half dozen Speed Circuit games at the Hangar last night, and they were all fun.

The best match was one where Carl and Oscar raced out in front of everyone else, and were battling pretty close right up until the crossing of the line by Carl!

Great fun.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tank Shock - April 24/25

Mini-Con hosted by Triangle Simulation Society in Danville Virginia.

Tanks, Miniatures, Gaming - all under one roof.

Info on the convention (and registration rates, which look to be $12 per day at the door) are at Tank Shock Website.

Information about the American Armored Foundation Tank Museum in Danville Virginia is located at the AAF Tank Museum Website.

Information on TSS (who are a bunch of great guys, putting on two full sized conventions, a games day, and Tank Shock) is located at the Triangle Simulation Website.

It would be great if some ODMSers went to Tank Shock to play FOW or whatever.

Friday, April 2, 2010

June 5 - Big FoW D-Day battle at the Hangar

Joseph Berry is going to host a large (multiple player, multiple table) game of Flames of War at the Hangar on June 5.

The game will feature a number of players, representing German, US, and British commands. Write to Joseph at strike23462@yahoo.com for details about participating.

If you can't play, come and watch!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Battle of Tudela - Shako II - April 10

The Battle of Tudela will be Coming Soon to the Hangar (April 10)

This is a fight between 19,000 Spanish, and 30,000 French and Polish troops. Not surprising, the French/Polish alliance won, and it was a bloody slaughter! However, not all is lost, and it is a decent battle to wargame!

Another fine ManCave gaming production (John and Steven McCabe)!

The battle of Tudela, in 15mm at Carl's joint.

See you there!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Historicon 2010 in Valley Forge!

The following is the official press release for this years Historicon location!

HISTORICON July 8-11, 2010 will take place at the Valley Forge Convention Center located in historic Valley Forge, PA. http://www.vfconventioncenter.com/

Here is a snapshot of what attendees can expect for HISTORICON 2010

* 108,000+ Square Feet of Historical Miniature Gaming
* 2,500 FREE Parking Spaces
* 488 hotel rooms on-site - HMGS special rates Single, Double, Triple, Quad/$109.00, Suites/$124.00 (plus Tax)
* Additional Hotels and Food nearby
* Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) approximately 45 minutes (shuttles available) to the VFCC
* Budget Car Rental onsite no need to rent car for full time or pay 1 way rental fees

For GMs/Gamers “

* Same great convention, cozy new location "no big box" feel
* Easy load in/out access to gaming areas
* 24 hour gaming
* Several Bars, Restaurants and Food Concessions onsite.
* Bigger Vendor Hall, better flea market, best historical gaming

For the History

* Valley Forge National Park - http://www.nps.gov/vafo/index.htm
* Battleship New Jersey - http://www.battleshipnewjersey.org/
* Historic Philadelphia - http://www.gophila.com/C/Historic_Philadelphia/624.html

For the Family -

* Famed King of Prussia Mall - http://www.kingofprussiamall.com/
* Philadelphia Premium Outlets - http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=75

Nearby -

o Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ - http://www.adventureaquarium.com/
o Philadelphia Museum of Art - http://www.philamuseum.org/
o Please Touch Museum - http://www.pleasetouchmuseum.org/
o The Franklin Institute - http://www2.fi.edu/
* And much more - http://www.vfconventioncenter.com/local_attractions.htm

For Vendors

* Non-Union Facility
* Good access to load/unload areas
* Working Air-conditioning and plumbing
* Drayage Services Available

We will continue to post further separate releases and updates for the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society membership, and to the gaming community as soon as additional details are confirmed.


The HMGS Board of Directors

Frank Preziosa
Michelle Preziosa
Orest Swystun
Dudley Garidel
Jim Petrie
Heather Blush
Pete Panzeri

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Operation Market Garden - March 27, 2010

Joseph and Ken need 10 people who wanna play in an "Operation Market Garden" scenario. 5 for the Germans and 5 for the Allies. Each person will need a 2000pt army in order to play.

Here is the list of armies people can sign up for that way they know whether or not they have the necessary troops to play

101st airborne
82nd airborne
British 1st airborne
Polish 1st Independent para brigade or British Glider Company
Guards Armoured Div British with infantry for support

LXXXVIII Corps Infantry divisions
Fallschirmjaeger 6th regiment
Fallschirmjaeger regiment
II SS Panzer Corps
712th Infantry division

The game will be once again on MARCH 27, 2010 STARTING AT 10:00AM

At the Hangar!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flames of War tournament - Fort Lee - Jan 16

Hello FoWarriors;

The invasion of France and the Low Countries will happen this Saturday 16 Jan 2010. As a added special event a guide tour of 1940era AFVs will be included.

The 5th Annual FoW day at the US Army Women's Museum, FT Lee, VA will kick off at 0900-1800 with 24 players committed to fight; 12 Germans (5ea INF, 4ea Armor, 1ea Cav, 1ea FJ) will face off against French forces(4ea Inf, 2ea Ar) and the BEF (2ea Inf, 1ea Motor Inf, 2ea Armor)

Scenarios include:1ea River Crossing, Death from Above, Roadblock Free for All, City Fight, Encounter, Ar encounter, Fight Withdrawal, 3ea No Retreat, 2ea Breakthrough

Players will each play two rounds.

Spectators and fans of EW are welcome to come visit the museums at FT Lee (Quartermaster and Women's) and watch the tournament in play. Vote for the best painted army and talk Early War.

Between game rounds there will also be a guided tour of the 1940 ear tanks being stored at FT Lee in prep of the Ordnance Museums move in 2011.

This is a guided tour only so you will need to be at the US Army Women's Museum NLT 1200 noon to participate!

All visitors to FT Lee will need a photo ID to enter the base. Vehicle drivers will also need a valid Dr Lic, Veh Registration and Proof of Insurance.

Any questions please contact Ron Bingham at (804)734-4411

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AAR - Shako II - December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas saw a most excellent game of Shako II being played at the Hangar.

It was a Peninsula battle, with the French trying to oust the Spanish.

The Spanish forces were divided into three forces. The first, played by Me (chuck) was defending a walled town and a bridge approaching the main gate. I had a pile of second rate (and worse) infantry and a heavy gun battery defending from (mostly) behind the walls.

The other two forces (commanded by Steve M. and Cliff) were relief commands that would enter the game later on.

Against the Spanish was a respectable French column, played by Carl, Eric and John M. They came up and got close to the town, to be pummeled by the Spanish artillery and some infantry fire, but eventually overwhelmed the valiant defense put up by Don Turnitsa. French Marshal McCabe stormed the bridge and breached the Spanish defenses a few turns after the Spanish Relief forces arrived and began harassing the other elements in the French Column.

I (personally) wasn't there to see the end of the fight, but it is fun to play with lesser quality troops sometimes. Not every battle can be a cosmic struggle for truth and justice between the Old Guard and the Black Watch. You gotta have fun, and that is what this splendid little Christmas scenario from the McCabe brothers was all about.

Thanks for the chance to play, and thanks for helping to increase the value of being a gamer in ODMS.

Williamsburg Muster - 1 Month Away!!

1 Month Away until the second convention hosted by ODMS.

We have a good number of games already registered as of writing this posting (Jan 6), and expect more over the next few weeks. This looks like it will be a great show!