Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bolt Action Tournament at Guns of August

There will be a 1000 point Bolt Action tournament at Guns of August 2015 (   This event will be organized by the Richmond Bolt Action group, and will feature full prize support from Warlord Games!

Details are available at the convention website, but here is a copy of the rules for the tournament...

Guns of August Bolt Action Tournament

Bolt Action Richmond, Warlord Games, and Guns of August are proud to present a Bolt Action Tournament! The Bolt Action tournament takes place Saturday morning. This is a three-round tournament, with each round lasting two hours with small breaks between each game. There will be awards and prizes provided by Warlord Games.
There are only eight slots available - please e-mail the tournament organizer Doug to register or with any questions. Once the eight slots fill up, there will be an alternates-list in case one of the pregistered eight has to drop out before the convention.

10:00 arrive and set-up
10:30 - 12:30 First Round
Lunch break
1:15-3:15 Second Round
3:30-5:30 Third Round
5:30- Winners announced

Tournament Rules:
1. Forces
Players must use a 1000 point maximum force consisting of one or two Reinforced Platoons using the Generic Reinforced Infantry Platoon Selector from the main rulebook. An Army can comprise a maxium of 14 Order Dice (14 units). This same army list will be used in all three rounds. Armies must be fully painted and based (as pictures will be taken!)

2. Rules Addenda
In addition to the official Bolt Action FAQ/Errata from Warlord Games, the following rules modifications will be in place:
  1. Transports can fire one weapon while empty.
  2. Armoured Transports (7+) are pinned as normal armoured vehicles.
  3. Infantry Light Machine Gun Teams and Machine Gun Teams fire with +1 dice.

3. Game time
The games will each last 2 hours. Fifteen-minute warnings will be announced.

4. Army List
Players must present the tournament organizer with a copy of their army list before the rounds begin. The force list is public and the opponent can always look at it and ask you questions about your force. ( recommended)

5. Match-ups
The match-ups are organized so that each player will fight a different opponent on different terrain on each round.

6. Scenarios
The first round will be Envelopment, the second round Point Defense, and the third round Maximum Attrition.

7. Tournament Points
Players will received 3 points for win, 1 point each for draw, and 0 points for loss. Additionally, at the end of the three rounds, players will also each secretly choose one of their three opponents as their favorite/best sportsman.

8. Prizes
There will be three prizes: Grand Prize for overall tournament points; Best Sportsman for favorite opponent; and Best Theme (as chosen by tournament organizer). Players are eligible to win only one prize. The three prizes will be of roughly equal value, with the Grand Prize winner choosing first, then Best Sportsman, and Best Theme.

Questions should be sent to Doug.