Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Williamsburg Muster draws near

Get your dice ready, and prepare to ride to battle!!

The Williamsburg Muster is coming up, only a few short weeks away.  The PEL on the website is chock full of awesome games, and there will be terriffic vendors at the show, as well as the hospitality suite, the great raffle, and Winston Churchill (in the flesh).

Don't forget - it is February 4,5,6 in Williamsburg.

See the website for loads of details - http://www.odms-club.com/convention/


Battle hymn 2011 - May 7, 2011

[The following is an announcement from fellow gaming club the "Richmond Leisure Society"]

It's time once again for Battle Hymn, a friendly local gaming convention taking place on Saturday May 7, 2011 near Richmond, Virginia! This year, the Richmond Leisure Society has once again combined forces with the Virginia Aviation Museum to put on quite a show. Only at the Virginia Aviation Museum can you get up close and personal with an actual World War I fighter, an SR-71 Blackbird, a Huey Slick, and William Randolph Hearst's personal luxury plane!

The central hall of the museum and the concourse area have been given over to gaming, and a significant number of both rectangular and circular tables with chairs are available.

The Richmond Leisure Society has several games planned for the event, but we need more folks willing to present some games. Any type of miniatures game is welcome, whether historical, science fiction or fantasy. Board and card gamers are encouraged to join us! The general public will be attending, so introductory games would be appreciated in addition to games for experienced players.

Based on the Virginia Aviation Museum's operating schedule, the time available for the gaming tables has been divided into two 2.5 hour slots, with an hour break in between, as follows:
1000 – 1230 slot one
1330 – 1600 slot two

The Museum opens at 0930 and closes at 1700, so we have uninterrupted time in between. If anyone would like to use two slots for a longer game, it can be arranged.

Besides our miniatures and board gaming, attractions include a mini movie theater continuously showing the late war installment of the Soviet classic "Liberation" and other films, a full-motion flight simulator, and all of the outstanding exhibits that are part of the museum! A guided tour of the exhibits will be given during the break in gaming as well.

Admission is $6 USD per adult, $5 USD per child under 18. Seniors and active military enjoy reduced rates.

Folks interested in running a game, please contact me at: Battlehymn (at) inbox (dot) com and I can reserve a table and slot for your game.

If any games publisher would care to send a representative to demo a game, we'd be more than happy to accommodate you!

For information about the Virginia Aviation Museum, including driving directions check their website.

For information about Battle Hymn, including updates check their Facebook Page.

Scott Craig
Battle Hymn Events Coordinator
The Richmond Leisure Society