Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upcoming Events

Hello Folks - we have a couple of Momentous upcoming events.

First, there is Historicon - July 8-11 in Valley Forge, PA

Second there is CarlCon (this year's theme - "Carl isn't going to be there") - at the hanger July 8-11 (for those not able to make it to Valley Forge)

Third, there is Guns of August - ODMS's first Summertime convention!  Go, play games, no snow.  August 13-15, Williamsburg VA.

Fourth, there is Southern Front - TSS's headliner convention, the oldest miniatures wargaming convention in America, going back to the Baroque Era.  Held September 24-26, in Raleigh NC.

Fifth there is Fall In - HMGS's fall convention, moved this year from Gettysburg to Lancaster.  Held October 28-31

As you can see - there are plenty of dates in between for games.  Send me your list(s) of games and I'll get them posted.  Also, we are looking for victims, er, hosts for games during CarlCon!!  Likewise we are looking for more games for Guns of August!!

Chuck (friendly local GM)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Battle of McDowell - June 17 at the Hangar

June 17 - Battle of McDowell (May 8, 1862)

4 player playtest of my ACW battle for Guns Of August using the Niel Thomas ACW rules (with some modifications). The play area is 4ft square with a lot of elevation changes (see this map):

My elevations and rivers will be all done, but I'd like to get some help from the club to use the available ODMS stock of buildings, bridges, trees, crops, etc to make for some nice eye candy.

In particular, I need to get the town of McDowell to look pretty good for the second scenario, where Jackson attacks the Federals in the town.

Upcoming Games for ODMS at the Hangar!

Hey Lads - some wargaming is about to commence!!

Okay, here at the upcoming dates -

June 12 - Battle of Oder (15mm Napoleonics, Shako2, Steven Maccabe) - 6pm

June 17 - Battle of McDowell (15mm ACW, Neil Thomas Rules, Cliff Creech) - 6pm

June 19 - Crossing the Hoffhandel (15mm Napoleonics, Shako2, Chuck Turnitsa) - 10am

July 8 - Entering Beulah Land (28mm ACW, Black Powder, Chuck Turnitsa) - 6pm

Upcoming Conventions -

July 8-11 - Carl Con - Our "Consolation" convention - held at the Hangar (for those that can't make it to Valley Forge this year).

July 8-11 - Historicon - in Valley Forge, PA.

August 13-15 - Guns of August - Williamsburg, VA.

September 24-26 - Southern Front, Raleigh, NC.

October 29-31 - Fall In, Lancaster, PA.

We need more events (both at the Hangar, and for Guns of August) - send em in!!

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