Friday, August 28, 2009

UPCOMING EVENTS - September and October 2009

All of these will be at the Hanger (except the two conventions) in coming weeks . . .

Sept 12 - Shako II Battle of Talavera - 15mm (John C.)

Sept 17 - Go For Broke (WWII Skirmish) - 28mm (Oscar)

Sept 24 - My Galley Sally (Ancient Naval Action) - 15mm (Dave)

Sept 26 - Flames of War Late War Tournament - 1750 points, qualifier event for the Nationals in October - 15mm

Oct 1 - Alexandrian Successors DBA Campaign - run by Zama Granicus (Wayne) - 15mm

Oct 9,10,11 - Southern Front

Oct 17,18 - Military History Weekend in Williamsburg

Oct 22 - 1/285th scale Arab-Israeli Wars scenario for Cold War Commander (org. by Wayne, Chuck, others)

Oct 29 - DBA free for all (Org by Wayne and John Dent) 15mm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Military History Weekend in Williamsburg (Oct 16-18)

Osprey announces . . .

We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of a new military history show, partly sponsored by Osprey. The Military History Weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia, which runs from October 16-18, 2009, is a chance for you to join us and meet World War II veterans, re-enactors, family history experts and authors to learn more about your military heritage.

Bring your family along too, as kids' activities and events for partners are also available.

More Information.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shako II game - August 15 at the Hangar

Organized by John McCabe.

Still looking for players, from what I have heard.

Check in on the mailing list...

Fall In - November

Coming Sooner than you think!

Just like Southern Front, it would be good to have a nice ODMS showing. Andy Turlington (of Southern Maryland Partisans) is running it. He and his club put on some excellent games at the Muster, and this will be the last Fall In at Gettysburg.

I'm going, and I'm running some games (ed.) - anyone else? Sound off on the mailing list.

Southern Front - coming soon!

Triangle Simulation Society's excellent Autumn wargaming convention:
October 9,10,11
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Hilton - $105 per night

It would be great to have a dozen ODMS guys there, all running games, having a good time, supporting one of the best regional cons in the country, promoting Williamsburg Muster, and drinking beer.

Pics from 2008

Anyone interested? sound off on the mailing list

Delenda est Carthago

Upcoming - Warhammer Ancient Battles slug-a-thon at the Hangar. Featuring the unstoppable Carthaginian Horde of Paul Crouch vs. all comers.

Friends of the Republic! Listen to me while I tell you that Carthage must be Destroyed!

I know I (ed.) will personally be there to defend the virtues of Rome and her Republic! There could be room for commanders on both sides, as well as a host of barbarian allies (numidians? gauls? spaniards?).

Other than Paul's spendid collection, Brian and I have romans out the wazoo (a technical term). Hopefully Action Dan can play (with his many barbarians). There might even be newly painted miniatures on the table. I think that Jim has Romans as well - which is good because Paul's North African Bruhaha (read: his Carthaginian Army) is quite sizable.

This game will be announced soon, but start thinking about mustering your courage to command 28mm figures in a large ODMS Punic War toy soldier fest!

August 27 - DBA Medieval Event

"A Knight in August" - DBA mini campaign - Medieval Baltic powers. Organized by Zama. This will be a 15mm campaign, done in one night, with armies from Zama and others. If you have a mid-to-late medieval army, bring it. It could be worked in. Write a question to the mailing list if you want to know more.

For some inspiration - here is a link to a good history of the Teutonic Order from founding to Prussian Crusade.

There is also an excellent review of a similar DBA event online that was held by the WADBAG guys, called the Baltic Crusades.

One of the most famous battles of the era is known by several names. Most Western sources know it as the first battle of Tannenburg (1410AD). It is known to the Poles as the battle of Grunwald, and to the Lithuanians as the battle of Zaligris. The Teutonic Order was (sadly) defeated, which laid the path to Polish and Lithuanian independence. About a century later the grandmaster of the Order converted to Lutheranism, and the order ceased being a Crusading entity.

The battle inspired a fantastic painting in 1878, by Jan Matejko of Poland. A nice version of it is online, with a fantastic closeup of detail showing Grandmaster Ulrich von Jungingen.

Finally, a nice video of the battle exists in four parts on YouTube (in Polish but with English subtitles).

Part 1 shows the two commanders (Jagiello of Poland and Ulrich Von Jungingen) planning their strategies and making speeches.

Part 2 shows the stratagems talk with the commanders (showing their secret plans - wolftraps vs. hiding in the woods), and the delivery of threats by the German Knights to the Polish command.

Part 3 shows some good action starting with the charge of the light horse (Lithuanians - practically a Mongol Horde, ala Krigbaum) against the German Foot. Pathetic. Then the Teutonic Knights come back at em.

Part 4 ends the battle with some good fight scenes. Knights on foot fighting over the Polish banner...Teutonic Knights charging in wedge. Cool stuff.

Some images of medieval Baltic warriors (poles, lithuanians, etc)
Foot troops.
Mounted troops
Lithuanian and Polish knights.

Anyway the event should be a great time. Come and play.

Historicon was Great

Many ODMS guys were at Historicon 2009 - a great time. Next year Historicon will be at the Baltimore Convention Center, instead of at the Lancaster Host Resort. What do you think? (Comment below or on the email list)