Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn Wargaming with ODMS

Upcoming Events -

Now that Guns of August is over, and before we get started in earnest on Williamsburg Muster, the ODMS guys can take a breather and enjoy some good old fashioned, down home, family values wargaming. You know - lots of dice and doom and despair.

The following schedule is a work in progress, but it lets you know what is going on...

  • Sept 2 -
  • Sept 9 - Hellenes (Chuck & Wayne),

    Warrior (Dave, Cliff, Kai, others welcome) Macedonians v. Athenians (first round in the Phillip Fest)
  • Sept 16 - C&C:Ancients (Wayne & Chuck - others welcome!)
  • Sept 23 - Blitzkrieg Commander - WWII (Wayne & Paul),

    Day before Southern Front (Sept 24-26), in Raleigh
  • Sept 30 - Caucasus Campaign (Wayne & Paul)
  • Oct 7
  • Oct 14
  • Oct 21 - BattleLore Epic Agincourt! (Chuck & ??)
  • Oct 28

    Day before Fall In (Oct 29-31), in Lancaster

Please, if you want to run a game, let us know so that you will be sure to have plenty of gamers (and the right gamers, who like your stuff) show up. We have room for some Napoleonics (hint hint) as well as more stuff on WWII and Moderns.



  1. A little more detail on the Caucasus Campaign? WWII? I'm working on a three-game linked mini-campaign for the attacks in Sept 42 out of Mozdok/Terek River and would be interested in what others are doing.

  2. Kelly, I have asked Wayne, who really knows the game well, to comment.