Friday, November 11, 2022

Club Officer Election, August 2022

 We missed several annual business meetings, and officer elections, during 2020-2021, mostly due to the great COVID disruption.  However, in August of 2022, we had an emergency out-of-cycle annual meeting, that took place at the Guns of August convention in Newport News.

The newly elected officers are:

President, Christopher Garcia
Vice President, Tim Grabowski
Treasurer, Jim Russell
Communications, James Curtis

The five at large board members are:

John Snelling
John Callahan
Stephen Preston
Justin Grabowski
Chuck Turnitsa

In spring of 2023, we plan to return to our usual annual tempo of meetings, which means that we will have elections each year, for roughly half of our officers.

Spring of 2023 (nominations announced in March, elections held in April):
 President, Treasurer, Three board members (Snelling, Preston, Turnitsa)

Spring of 2024 (nominations announced in March, elections held in April):
 Vice President, Communications, Two board members (Grabowski, Callahan)

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